Online and Social Media Marketing Service for Sales Professionals Offers Free Trial offers a free trial to sales reps who are interested in online and social media marketing.

/ has announced that they are offering a one month free trial to new clients for a limited time., the highly publicized new service that provides online marketing for territory based outside sales representatives, has exploded into the business world in the last two months. The company has been written about by top industry bloggers, spread around twitter and has been buzzing since it first launched in late September. The company uses online search marketing, social media marketing and visual online advertisements to help outside sales reps penetrate top accounts. The company helps a salesperson create high visibility, name recognition and credibility through activity that they provide. This gives a sales rep an edge when calling on new potential business.

Using social media as an aid to selling a product or service is something many sales industry thought leaders have been preaching about for the last couple of years. Company CEO, Ralph P. Sita, Jr., CPA had this to say about why the service has been so well received over the first month and a half: "The top names in the industry have been telling outside sales reps for a couple of years now that they have to develop their social media presence. Many have neglected because they can't make the time commitment and they don't necessarily have the right tools. We not only make their social media presence a fast growing asset for them, but we give them a search and advertising presence as well. Its an exceptional value and a powerful tool."'s free trial announcement allows a territory based sales representative the ability to try the service for free for one month. The company plans on running the promotion through the remainder of the year because they anticipate the holiday season slowing things down for many sales reps, allowing them more time to set up a service like this that will benefit them in the following calendar year. Information about the promotion can be found on their blog here: Free Trial is an online marketing service exclusively for territory based outside sales representatives. The company provides a sales rep with an online search presence, a growing social media presence and online visual ads within their territory.

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