Palm Beach Classic Ballroom Dance Competition Welcomes the Blues Brothers on Jan. 19, 2013

/ the Palm Beach Classic ballroom dance competition presented by Colleen Christman opens on Jan. 19, 2013, dancers will be greeted by The Jake and Elwood Blues Revue, the only Blues Brothers musical performance act sanctioned by the Belushi estate.

The Palm Beach Classic ballroom dance competition and dance weekend event presented by Colleen Christman will be held Jan. 19 - 20, 2013 at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott. This Florida ballroom dance competition is sanctioned by the highly regarded National Dance Council of America, Inc. (NDCA).

The excitement, exuberance and all around fun of this Palm Beach Classic ballroom dance competition kicks off Saturday, Jan. 19 with a VIP 1950s-themed dance party. To get the party officially started, event organizers have planned a special performance and meet and greet with the Blues Brothers.

The only Blues Brothers act to be officially sanctioned by the Belushi estate, this energetic duo knows something about bringing the fun to any event they find. After hearing how energy-packed the upcoming dance weekend event was going to be, they wanted to join in!

The notorious Blue Brothers - Jake and Elwood - will perform some of their greatest hits, from "Soul Man" to "Sweet Home Chicago" as they encourage the audience to dance along to their most popular blues numbers. Jake will even do his trademark cartwheel in celebration of the Palm Beach Classic ballroom dance competition.

The Blues Brothers love to dance, even though they are not exactly physically fit (especially Jake!). Each gig with the Florida ballroom dance competition is a blast as everyone is eager to participate in the show, so every event turns into a dance party.

"We love to come to the Palm Beach Classic and get everyone pumped up! My brother Jake likes the food and I like to take pictures with the girls after the show...what a great gig!" explains Elwood Blues.

Sunday at the Palm Beach ballroom dancing competition is a full day of friendly competitive dancing, followed by dinner, dancing and professional performances by internationally respected ballroom dancers Andre and Natalie Paramonov.

For more information and entry forms to participate in the 2013 Palm Beach Classic, visit, call (561) 389-1410, or email The deadline to RSVP for hotel booking is Dec. 20, 2012; and the deadline to enter the competition is Jan. 7, 2013.

About Palm Beach Classic Organizer Colleen Christman
With years of experience running healthcare and fine arts businesses, Dance Tonight Studios Owner Colleen Christman aims to promote ballroom dancing around the Sunshine State. Christman's series of ballroom dance competitions introduces a new distinctive class to the world of ballroom dancing, with entertaining performances, world class competitions and a growing number of participating studios throughout Florida. This year's Palm Beach ballroom dancing competition spotlights the elegance and precision of ballroom dancing while stirring it up with a healthy dose of fun.

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