Bleeding Zombies & Exploding Targets: EMegaBuy Is Now an Authorized Dealer

/ EMegaBuy has become an authorized dealer for zombie targets manufactured by Zombie Industries. Shooting enthusiasts are now able to enhance their shooting experience by utilizing bleeding, mutilating, and explosive targets through an expanded target category.

Zombies are rising from the dead and causing havoc, but this is what happens during the zombie apocalypse. For most people this sounds like an absolute nightmare, but for shooting enthusiasts this is a dream come true. EMegaBuy, an authorized dealer of bleeding zombies and exploding targets is announcing its enhanced target category.

Zombie targets can take up to 1000 rounds of either rifle or pistol ammunition before releasing most of their seeping blood. Not only do the zombies come in bleeding form, but also come in a mutilating form. Mutilating zombies don't bleed, but instead highlight shots with a bright florescent color. EMegaBuy has also added exploding targets to its target category which can be used in conjunction with zombie targets for an even greater experience.

Eddie Villanueva, owner of EMegaBuy states "Zombie targets are not only great for recreational purposes, but can also be great tools for real scenario training due to their 3-deminsional molds."

EMegaBuy has continuously enhanced its product selections across the board since its beginning in 2011. With over 23,000 items in stock, EMegaBuy continues to expand on product line to better serve its customer base.

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Eddie Villanueva
EMegaBuy LLC

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