Consumers Can Now Find A Dry Cleaner Anywhere In The U.S. With 'America's Dry Cleaning Directory'

/ who are looking to find a dry cleaner have a new resource from -- 'America's Dry Cleaning Directory.' Dry cleaning owners can also search for vendors, suppliers and professional services to help better run their business.

Consumers who are looking to find a dry cleaner anywhere in the U.S. now have a new way to connect with businesses. offers a dry cleaning search service, which gives consumers the opportunity to find a local business. The service covers the entire country, so customers can find a dry cleaner whether they're looking for a new neighborhood cleaner or if they need to find one out of town. offers informative industry related articles and a Dry Cleaning TV section to help educate consumers about the dry cleaning industry and process. Additionally, customers can find coupons for local dry cleaners and even read candid reviews from current customers.

"This isn't your everyday search engine. We help consumers find the right dry cleaner, but that's not all. If you're a dry cleaner or a vendor/supplier looking to reach your target audience and grow your local business, we invite you to post your business for free" said Avi Dvir, owner of (

Just as consumers can find a local business, dry cleaning companies can use the site to find local suppliers and vendors. The site also allows vendors to learn about upcoming marketing opportunities at trade shows and other industry events, and offers a special branded mailing list so vendors can advertise to dry cleaning companies.

"For dry cleaning owners, connecting with your customers and vendors is just a few clicks away. Besides getting wide exposure for your business and acquiring new customers, we can help you search for vendors, suppliers, service providers and equipment manufacturers. Let us make your life easier," said Mr. Dvir.

About America's Dry Cleaning Directory:, 'America's Dry Cleaning Directory' ( is a way for consumers to find a dry cleaner in their local area. Additionally, the site provides a venue for vendors and suppliers to connect with businesses that need their services and offers a branded mailing list to help them advertise.

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