Joe Bloggs YouTube Channel Documents Sharp Increase In UFO Activity Above Preston

Is Preston bus station a cover up for interdimensional craft - or have BAE produced a secret new plane?

/ Bloggs has been documenting UFO sightings and now has a YouTube channel dedicated to showing these unidentified craft. Careful analysis of several of the videos, that have still shots for closer inspection, show quite a few anomalies, and some even appear to have faces on them. Is this ET staring out the window of an intergalactic bus?

Multiple unidentified flying objects have been spotted recently flying over Preston, and curiously they seem to be using the bus depot as their landing area. Perhaps we humans are not the only ones to catch the no' 37.

But joking aside, the number of sightings according to one Lancashire resident is increasing daily, with over 40 UFO sightings in the last week. Sightings include static hovering lights that after several minutes fly off, and they do not appear to be helicopters, and craft that appear to flip over in mid flight.

The strange silver-flying cigar, documented in one video is a case in point -
What is this? Is it a new craft from the nearby BAe establishment at Salmesbury, is it a new plane, or is it the number 7 from Mars dropping off a few intergalactic visitors?

There is plenty of speculation as the 21st December draws nearer, with predictions of Doomsday, Armageddon and the end of the world, as we know it. But one lesser-known theory is that the Aliens are on their way here, (probably not on the number 7 but something with a bit more torque), but will they come here to sort the chaos out - or just add to it?
Are these sightings the start of this? Judge for yourself over at Joe's channel on YouTube.

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