Internet Real Estate Tycoon Announces New Innovation in Real Estate Lead Generation

/ Real Estate Tycoon is providing a solution to Real estate investors who are experiencing a decline in their businesses due to a lack of quality leads. This solution is packaged with a new training program called Internet Real Estate Tycoon.

Tampa FL real estate investor Nathan Jurewicz has teamed with prominent investor Matt Andrews to create the Internet Real Estate Tycoon training program. The system teaches investors the ins and outs of a virtual real estate investing business including such gems as proper email marketing, using social media such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. and other strategies. According to the creator, who built his business using the information provided in the Internet Real Estate Tycoon Review, this business requires very few hours which should make it attractive to overworked investors who may not have the time to dive into a long training program. The meat of the system teaches investors how to drive traffic to their websites using something other than paid search.

The real estate investing industry has been in sore need of such a solution. It has been plagued by a lack of quality leads and as a result many businesses have failed. The news of this new system to plug the leak so to speak is much anticipated by investors desperate for an answer.

The Internet Real Estate Tycoon is just the latest in a long string of real estate investing products to come from Mr. Jurewicz who is also known as the "short sale kid" among his peers in the real estate industry. His new association with Matt Andrews and this new system has created quite a buzz in the investing community. Many people are watching to see who is getting on board with the system and promoting it as a worthy product.

The real estate investing community is notorious for being fickle in its affections. Only time will tell if the Internet Real Estate Tycoon will live up to its lofty aspiration. Based on the past performances of Mr. Jurewicz most people are "betting on the short sale kid" to pull off another home run.

The Internet Real Estate Tycoon is priced at $97 and launches November 8th.

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