Donate to Charities for Disaster Relief with CharityChoice - Help with Hurricane Sandy Devastation

/ CharityChoice offers several ways to help. Send HonorCard emails to friends and family. Post on friends Facebook wall. Give charity gift cards and redeem rewards points to make a donation.

Many are seeking ways to help those devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Food banks, disaster assistance, shelters and community resources are being mobilized in the effort. Private citizens and corporate sponsors are donating to the charities involved.

CharityChoice offers six charities to designate funds towards Hurricane Sandy disaster relief. This can be done in a variety of methods, using the online platform for charitable giving. Donors can send HonorCards via email to reference their donation to a friend or relative. Charity gift cards can be sent, allowing the recipient to participate by selecting which charities the funds will go towards.

Charity donation gift cards are available as physical cards, egifts and print-your-own. They can also be posted on a friend's Facebook wall at checkout. CharityChoice Gift Cards are redeemable for nearly 1000 national, regional and local charities, including those for disaster relief. The gift-recipient can select up to three causes the funds will benefit.

CharityChoice is also a charity leader in the rewards and employee incentive industry; employees for hundreds of companies and dozens of banks for consumer credit card rewards can redeem their points for a CharityChoice card. Verizon Small Biz points can also be converted into a charity donation by ordering a CharityChoice card. This enables the public to utilize the millions of unredeemed points lying uselessly dormant, for a worthwhile purpose.

Charity gift cards are a perfect holiday donation gift and birthday present, facilitating the helping of others with a gift that gives back.

About CharityChoice
A project of Special Kids Fund, a nonprofit 501c3 for special needs children, all purchases are 100% tax deductible.

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