CareFidelity Announces Medical Loan Matching Service Online

/ Philadelphia, PA based CareFidelity is offering a unique medical loan matching service pairing borrowers with lenders exclusively online in a paperless environment.

Non-credit based healthcare matching service Care Fidelity is an online matching service connecting borrowers with lenders in a safe, secure environment exclusively online. Care Fidelity utilizes a cutting edge online loan application process which can be completed in as little as 5 minutes requiring zero paperwork from the borrower while giving loan approval responses the same day (oftentimes within minutes).

Care Fidelity has partnered with a wide range of lenders to offer medical loans for a variety of things. One of the primary types of loans that people are seeking today are medical loans for anything from plastic surgery procedures, to treating a sick pet with a costly operation that cannot be avoided.

"The great thing about the types of loans that we are able to help people get is that they an be used for a wide variety of services. On top of that, most local banks won't give a short term surgery loan like the ones our partner network provides because they are perceived as too risky. Care Fidelity's lending partner network is fully qualified to lend to our audience and can get the money into the borrowers hands typically in 24-48 hours" said Care Fidelity Global marketing Director Peter Finn.

Care Fidelity's lending partners are required to comply with Truth in Lending Act, which means that the creditors educate borrowers of all the specifics of the rates, costs, and fees associated with the loan, prior to finalizing the loan.

Borrowers looking for more information can call the company direct or visit their website for more information.

Finn also said "no one wants to face tough financial times alone, especially when needing an operation either for themselves, or a family member. As a company, we strive to make the online medical loan process as fast, simple and efficient as possible."

CareFidelity, a subsidiary of the Apex1 Network offers an exclusively online loan application process helping borrowers get up to $5,000 for their medical needs. For more information, Click Here.

Care Fidelity is an innovative non-credit based matching provider for health care procedures not covered by insurance or for those who do not have insurance.

Media Contact:
Erica Alman
Care Fidelity

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