Businesses Search for Alternatives to Pay-Per-Click, Demand for Frank Kern Marketing Methods Soar

/ Small businesses are seeking alternatives to promote online, as reported by The New Yorks Times. Trying to 'stand out' amongst big players, who have immense advertising budgets, is difficult. Once affordable PPC tools, like Google's Adwords are now beyond the reach of many.

Last week, The New York Times reported the growing predicament small businesses find themselves in when competing in the online marketplace. Large companies, with their even larger advertising budgets, are outpricing Google's easiest promotional pay-per-click tool Adwords, by incrementally upping the click prices for high-demand keywords and phrases. The requests for low-cost and free ways to compete online, such as techniques taught by internet marketing guru Frank Kern, have increased significantly for Melbourne SEO Services.

In the past, small businesses based in real world products and services, have grasped onto the Google Adwords program as an easy way to capture potential business. The cheap pay-per-click cost was an effective method of gaining new customers without spending big advertising dollars. Well, at least that's the way it used to be. There are many Frank Kern products that teach the right way of doing it.

A few years ago, a business could pay as little as a few cents for a keyword or phrase and then receive phenomenal results. The effects could be so outstanding that Google Adwords quickly became the simple fix-it for small businesses wanting online exposure. However, as the pay-per-click popularity grew over the years, so did the price per click.

"The increasing price per click makes it more difficult for businesses to sustain their positions on Google," says David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO Services , "the cost to advertise will soon outweigh the benefits for a business. They'll spend more to get keywords and phrases and they'll possibly make from them."

According to AdGooroo, a research firm that studies pay-per-click, almost all pay-per-click advertisers spend about $10,000 per month or less. Compared to big players such as Amazon who spend $54 million and the University of Phoenix who dish out nearly $38 million per month, it seems increasingly likely that AdWords is not the way small businesses will prosper online.

"Because the competition for pay-per-click is driving prices up and driving small businesses out of the race," continues David , "the demand for free and effective internet marketing tools is on the rise."

"Our number of requests from small businesses is soaring, and they all want to learn techniques like that of internet marketing expert Frank Kern." David goes on to say, "Pay-per-click had its time and place, because a lot of small businesses were unfamiliar with how to market online. But now, learning to implement your own online marketing strategy is paramount for all small businesses."

Small businesses can put into place low-cost and free marketing methods, like those Frank Kern has become famous for, to get measurable and impressive results. "Frank Kern, a true internet marketing authority, started out just like everyone else - at the bottom of an uphill battle," comments David Jenyns , "through his SEO techniques, his businesses went from zero to overwhelming success. His story proves beyond a doubt that anyone can create real results with the right online marketing tools."

Frank Kern has released a number of successful tutorials, among these are the Good Karma List Machine and the 4 Day Cash Machine.

To learn more about easy and affordable SEO methods, visit this Frank Kern blog.

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