Google Co-Founders Honored With Exclusive Stanford Inventor Hall of Fame Induction

/ Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin can now call themselves among the select few to have been inducted into the Stanford Inventor Hall of Fame.

It's an honor that has only been presented to seventeen times before in the Stanford Office of Technology Licensing's forty-two year history.

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were recently inducted to the Stanford Inventor Hall of Fame for their innovative work on "improved text searching in hypertext systems."

The innovation changed the way people could navigate the internet landscape. It formed the basis of Google web search, an important development in history of internet technology.

Page and Brin developed the idea while working together as graduate students at Stanford.

But, simply developing a technology at the school does not automatically guarantee a place in the Hall of Fame. Induction is a recognition reserved only for those inventors whose products or processes have proven commercial viability and earned the university over $5 million in royalties.

The Google algorithm alone has earned the school an unprecedented $331 million to date.

These proceeds, like any others earned from intellectual property licensing, are used for program and departmental funding as well as direct payment to investors.

Alongside Brin and Page, sixteen other innovators of varying fields were inducted in the most recent ceremony. As the Stanford University blog The Dish states, "the eclecticism of the inventions drives home how difficult it is to reach the $5 million mark."

Inductees were honored with an awards program and short ceremony. Each received a patent desk plaque to commemorate his or her achievements as well as a mention on the university blog and social media pages.

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