YWB Launches App Competition For Small Business/Blog And Website Owners

/EINPresswire.com/ Youngwebbuilder has teamed up with theappmediaco (TAMCO) Manchester based app developers, to offer an iphone and android app developed worth £1200 for one lucky young web-builder.

Youngwebbuilder has teamed up with theappmediaco (TAMCO), Manchester-based app developers, to offer an iphone and android app developed worth £1200 for one lucky young web-builder.

YWB is a site recently created by young entrepreneur, Oliver Neely, aged 19. The site features quality guides and information for budding web and app-developers.

Alex McDaid - Managing Director at TAMCO added: "With $15 billion dollars being made on the app store (last year alone) we hope this app development opportunity will act as a springboard for young web developers and young app developers alike to continue building their business ideas."

The competition idea which Neely approached TAMCO with will give one lucky web-builder the opportunity to communicate their ideas with the app developer, prototype an app, and submit a finalized app to the IOS and Android app stores to compliment their website, blog, or youtube channel.

Tamco added to their blog "Oliver contacted us with the idea he had and we're happy to say that we are both working together to offer the best possible app development package for the competition winner."

Neely excitedly added, "We are really pleased to be able to offer this to our members, and feel it would be an unmissable opportunity for up-and-coming web-developers, as well as existing web-developers who are yet to reach a mobile audience."

Youngwebbuilder supports those between the ages of 13 and 30 to develop a sustainable online-business or hobby site home to web designers, marketers, business minds and more.

To enter the competition to win an app developed by the appmediaco visit http://youngwebbuilder.com/win-a-developed-iphone-and-android-app-worth-1200-from-theappmediaco

Theappmediaco helps business's reach a growing mobile audience visit www.theappmediaco.com to find out more.

Oliver Neely (Age 19), has launched (youngwebbuilder.com) for Young People who want to learn how to develop websites and build a business online. The website has been designed so that visitors can share their own knowledge and experiences whilst getting support from a growing number of Young Webmasters, SEO experts. Programmers, Graphic Designers, PR people and business advisors, to name a few. When asked why he decided on such a project, Neely said… "I just wanted a no-nonsense website for people of my own age to share how easy and cheap it is to build a web-business online. He also mentioned, I am a big fan of Martin Lewis of www.moneysavingexpert.com, but I wanted to build a website that discussed "making money online", rather than "saving money" I also wanted to target the website to young people, who are currently the hardest hit by all the government austerity measures. He said, "There are over 1 million unemployed under 25 in the UK alone." "Many of them have great IT and internet skills, but lack quality information and support to help them to build successful web businesses online." He said, "I hope to provide a place for young people to gain this information".
Those looking to learn more on how to build a web business and make money online, should visit www.youngwebuilder.com and join the teen business forum at www.youngwebuilder.com/forum For Support.

Oliver Neely

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