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Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

All the Attributes of Wisdom Are Generated by Humulity.

Become Humble to Become Wise.

Even when I was trying to show them what is wrong with current education data they were more concerned with hiding their ignorance. They shut me off.

Wisdom Power is Self Image Power.”
— Sajid Khan, Ensure Wisdom Through Emotionally Healthy Parenting.
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, August 2, 2017 / -- As long as the mind and brain are treated as the single entity of the mind and as a consequence mind education and brain education are lumped together as just mind education; the mess in education will continue. Mind education is built on the foundation of brain education but when brain education is messed up with false data; no amount of progress in mind education is going to matter much.

Mind education data keeps improving but it is like our education castle is built on sand. The Castle is continually being improved but the problem of being built on sand does not go away and it is reflected in the fact that America spends the most money on education and yet we are #17 in the world.

The same defective data approach is reflected in the fact that Bill Gates is spending half a billion dollars on finding out what makes the best teacher. The answer is simple, a wise teacher is the best teacher. Bill Gates approach is still half baked. Suppose we find out who makes the best teacher and we assign 10 best teachers to a single student whose brain is running on emotionally challenged brain data. What difference will the ten best teachers make on a single unfocused brain? Thus the better quest for Bill Gates is to seek out the qualities of the best student.

Imagine the ten best teachers keep trying to educate the mind of the unfocused student when the problem that needs to be fixed is the unfocused brain of the student.

The current knowledge and understanding of education are riddled with defective data, naturally, education solutions are as fuzzy as ever.

We need to invent definitions that produce the desired goal of creating the best possible students. We need to start with finding the most efficient and viable data/definitions for the brain and mind. Further, we need to recognize mind and brain education as two separate entities.

The biggest business of fuzzy and false data usage starts with the defective assumption that education is about teaching knowledge. This is true for mind education. For brain education it is not about learning emotional intelligence which is the scientific term for wisdom; it is about becoming wisdom. After all, we are human beings, not human knowings!

The self is a fragrance of the brain just as wisdom is a fragrance of the brain. The goal of brain education has to be to make each student's brain effortlessly generate a wise self.

The extent of our leaders and expert's ignorance is reflected in the fact that when I approached Senator Booker to take up brain education he said that they were already focused on teaching emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence and wisdom are one and the same and it cannot be taught. Wisdom is the smoke where emotional health is the fire, by creating emotional health, wisdom will be generated effortlessly.

The biggest education problem starts with parents integrating false and fuzzy data into the infant brains. The child's brain remains bogged down with false data for the rest of life. 80% of students come to the classroom with unfocused brains from mild to severe. Any wonder that only 20% of the students graduate on time.

Create definitions of wisdom and emotional intelligence that produce wise and emotionally healthy students. Define emotional intelligence as humility! We can define, measure and teach humility. We already bring up our girls humble and as a result, our girls are far better on the wisdom scale than our boys; as we bring up our boys macho. It is no coincidence that most crime is committed by men.

Define the mind as the self-image. By improving the self-image we improve the mind. By teaching the self-image we teach the mind. By measuring the self-image we measure the mind. By healing the self-image we heal the mind.

Due to the ignorance of our experts, the brains of the majority of mankind are controlled by the defective brains that are powered by false data. It is reflected in the ills of society, where the world mess is as bad as ever. Will our leaders ever wake up?

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Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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