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PR Distribution: Choosing Footprints of Exposure

You no longer need to use a single press release distribution service on an exclusive basis. Why? Because no one service will get you in front of all the targets you are looking for. The world of information distribution is too big for that. So it's important to consider distribution in terms of choosing footprints of exposure.

Our EIN Presswire, and services such as PRWeb, PRNewswire, and other leading press release distribution brands all have unique distribution footprints. Use them all – all the time or mix it up from time to time.

So as you move into 2014 consider trying our unique EIN Presswire footprint as part of your regular mix of getting your messages out. We reach 6 million readers and distribute millions of newsletters and can match your message with an engaged readership.

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Happy New Year.

David Rothstein
Director of Corporate Development
EIN Presswire
Washington, D.C.