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To measure, define and create wisdom; measure, define and create humility.

Humbleness is the power that generates wisdom.

Get rid of your phony life; become humble.

Your humble self-image is your true self.

It is the machoness in our boys that results in all these ills of society.

Girls are ahead as they are raised humble.

The answer to the mystery of wisdom is very clear: Wisdom is humility and humility is wisdom!

By defining wisdom as humility we will be making the path to a wise society as easy as teaching ABC.”
— Sajid Khan, Wisdom as humility is the most easy to actualize.
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2017 / -- What is wisdom?

Wisdom is the wealth of emotional intelligence. Wisdom is like wealth where wealth cannot be created on its own; Wealth has to be created through trading, innovation, profit etc. One cannot hold wealth in one's hand because wealth is a descriptive word for possessing an excess of gold, silver, real estate, dollars etc. When one is holding wealth in one's hand one is holding the assets other than wealth. Wealth has to be in other entities. Wealth is virtually nothing on its own, even though wealth as a defining of status is very real! Wisdom is exactly the same.

If one wants to create wealth one cannot create wealth by trying to create wealth. Wealth has to be created in one or more physical assets like gold, silver, bank balance etc. Most who try to focus on acquiring wealth as a concept end up as failures. Those who focus on becoming experts in particular fields and do not even try to think of wealth end up wealthy. Once a person is successful in some enterprise wealth starts to accumulate out of the blue. Wealth is an effortless expression of business/professional success.

Similarly, wisdom is the cover word for its attributes. Wisdom cannot be acquired on its own as wisdom can only exist in its attributes. So to acquire wisdom one has to acquire wisdom's attributes. The nature of wisdom's attributes is such that they all come in one package. Love contains all the other attributes of wisdom. Sincerity contains all the attributes of wisdom. So acquiring any one of the attributes becomes an acquisition of all the attributes of wisdom. Also, all the attributes are made up of selflessness. So if one holds love one is holding selflessness expressed as love. When one is sincere one is expressing selflessness as sincerity. Being selfless is being all the attributes of wisdom. The attributes of wisdom are in reality the attributes of selflessness.

The tragedy of man's tortured history is a direct result of this huge incalculable blunder of misunderstanding wisdom. Since the ancient times, man has understood wisdom as an independent entity and so has tried to acquire wisdom as if by acquiring wisdom man will become sincere, loving, respecting, and peaceful human beings. No wonder acquiring wisdom by trying to acquire wisdom has been a monumental failure. Man, has taken for granted that it is wisdom that creates the attributes of wisdom, including selflessness. So the focus has been on researching wisdom to create wisdom. We have found that it is selflessness that generates wisdom and all its attributes. Mainstream education considers wisdom as the seed and selflessness as one of its fruits. It is the other way around. Selflessness is the seed that generates the wisdom fruit.

Selflessness is expressed as humility. Thus wisdom is generated by humility. Wisdom is humility and humility is wisdom. Humility can be defined, measured and created. In fact, we already bring up our girls humble while bringing up our boys macho; the very opposite of wisdom. Any wonder most of the ills of society are committed by men.

Cultivating any one of the attributes of wisdom will create all the attributes of wisdom. As selflessness/humility/humbleness are the easiest to define, measure and create; so in order to create a wise society, we must go all out in creating humility across the board.

The answer to the mystery of wisdom is very clear: Wisdom is humility!

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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