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MY BIGGEST INVENTION: Emotional Health Quotient (EHQ) (Excerpt From My Patent Application). Please Use This Innovation.

Wisdom power is emotional health power; that is generated by an emotional baggage free brain.

You can get rid of your emotional baggage ASAP.

Daily brain cleaning will enable you into becoming emotionally healthy.

Brain health is the foundation for a happy and healthy life.

heal yourself into emotional health. Find out your EHQ.

Identify with your mind and with it; heal your brain.

It is emotional health that generates EI; so when focus is on teaching EI it is like trying to produce the fruit without cultivating the tree.

Our experts are putting the cart before the horse; they are focusing on creating smoke (emotional intelligence); without lighting the fire (emotional health).”
— Sajid Khan, EHQ (Emotional Health Quotient) is needed to fix the ed. mess.

For thousands of years our wisdom experts have been asking the same
old question again and again, ‘What is wisdom?’. The answer after all
these years is still pretty much elusive because of the very nature of
wisdom. Wisdom is a symptom of an emotionally healthy brain. Focusing
on the symptom is like trying to understand smoke to understand the
fire. Thus teaching wisdom is like trying to create smoke on its own
without even knowing that it is generated by the fire. Even when we
know what is wisdom we still have to figure out how to become wise.

Too much focus is on trying to figure out wisdom and hardly any on how
to become wise; when becoming wise is what is essential and is all
that counts.

The tragedy of wisdom education is that our experts are still confused
about the functions of the brain and mind. The mind functions in words
while the brain in biochemical reactions that are generated by the
existing brain wiring. When the mind is taught wisdom knowledge in
words, it wants to follow but the brain biochemically filters the
lessons based on past fixations. The mind tries to soak up the
inspiring insights but the brain's existing beliefs alter and pollute
the new knowledge. So all this wisdom (mind) education falls on
deaf/emotionally-challenged brains.

The brain is like a movie projector that projects a self-conscious
Self-image. An emotionally challenged brain continuously projects an
emotionally challenged self-image and current wisdom education is like
instead of repairing the projector/brain the projected self-image is
taught to educate itself into wisdom. It is like the movie projector
is projecting a black and white image and attempts are made to change
the image into color through educating the self-image! Say if the self-image
is physically red; can it be educated into becoming blue? It is
very clear that creating wisdom has little to do with educating the
mind and has everything to do with healing the brain; the source of
the mind.

When defining wisdom none of the wisdom experts nor any of the
dictionaries will say that wisdom above all is
pure/emotionally-healthy love. As love is an emotion; so is wisdom.
Even a child knows that love is a function of the heart. The
heart is an agent of the brain; as it has 40,000 brain neurons. Thus
wisdom is a function of the brain and heart. No wonder all these tens
of thousands of books on wisdom do not make one wise; as these books
try to teach the mind wisdom; when it is the brain that needs to be
changed/healed physically. The focus has to shift to making the brains
emotionally healthy.

Our wisdom sages think that wisdom is a body of knowledge that needs
to be discovered and taught. So they keep putting wisdom under the
microscope and all they find are the attributes of wisdom. So they try
to define wisdom by its attributes. But they miss wisdom as wisdom is
much more that the sum of its parts. Wisdom is like a cake and so by
describing the cake as sugar, butter and/or flour they totally
misdefine the cake! If someone has not seen a cake and is told that
the cake is sugar, butter etc.; then how can he perceive the cake and
much less understand and experience the cake? Just imagine giving
someone sugar and saying, 'Here, have a cake"!

Human nature/consciousness is like a bicycle that runs on a mind wheel
and a brain wheel. The mind wheel we keep improving and the brain
wheel we ignore, neglect and damage without even being aware of the
implications. Naturally consciousness is messed up and as a result, all
life and society is messed up for the vast majority. Any wonder why in
spite of all this great progress in civilization; crime, economic
struggles, unhappiness, class, and race divides, are all still stuck in
the stone age? It is because our experts try to fix the bicycle of
life by trying to fix the mind wheel by educating the mind wheel; as
the mind wheel is all they are focused on. It is time to wake up to
the fact that the brain wheel has to be fixed directly through brain
education; where brain education for the young is upbringing and is
brain therapy for the old.

Rather than asking ‘What is wisdom’, the winning question is, ‘What is
wisdom made from?’

Wisdom is generated by selflessness. Like wisdom; selflessness is
misunderstood as considering one’s self as an insignificant zero. Just
like zero is not just a number, it is the essential number that has
given man the foundation for solid science, the computer age and the
web cloud; selflessness is the power that generates wisdom.
Selflessness does not stand for putting one’s self down as nothing. It
stands for being so fully satisfied and confident with one’s own self
worth that one does not need to focus on the self-being less or more.
It enables one to just not focus on one’s own self-worth at all and be
fully immersed in living in the now. Selflessness provides the
unconscious supreme confidence of being equally significant in a world
where everyone else is just as precious; regardless of race, color or

The face of selflessness is humbleness. We already bring up our girls
humble. As a result, our girls are far more emotionally-healthy/wise.
We bring up our boys macho. Machoness is the very opposite of
humbleness. It is machoness that leads to most of the ills of society
from crime to drug addictions, to child and wife abuse, student
failures and all the other mess in society. Imagine if we brought up
our boys humble; just as we bring up our girls. Both our boys and
girls need to be brought up as humble as possible.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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Focusing on wisdom and EI is like trying to create smoke without lifghting the fire. Create emotional health and wisdom will be generated effortlessly.