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Sika China Continues its Charity Library Project in 2016

The President of Sika China Mike Campion at the donation event

Sika Volunteers with the children

Reading room refurbished with Sika construction products.

By the end of 2016,Sika Library Project, which started in 2015, will donate a total of over 30,000 books to 45 schools, benefitting over 6,000 children.

SUZHOU, JIANGSU, CHINA, October 12, 2016 / -- Sika China started its charity library project in 2015 and donated books to create libraries in 21 schools in 2015 in the south west region of China. In 2016, Sika will continue this charity project to donate books to 20 schools in Hebei and Shanxi provinces of China. Sika also helped to repair seven classrooms using its construction products. Moreover, the positive energy extends to Sika’s contractors. Jilin Deshi Construction Company helped refurbish the seven reading classrooms for free. Beijing Katuo Construction Engineering Company and another contractor have promised to donate books to two schools by each of them.

The Sika Library Project was strongly supported by the management of Sika China not only in terms of policy and finance but also they take part as volunteers. On Oct 11th, a volunteer team comprised of Sika China management, led by Mr. Mike Campion, President of Sika China, visited Shijiazhai Changlin Hope Primary School in Fuping County of Hebei Province, one of the schools to which Sika donated libraries.

Changlin Hope Primary School, located in a small village in Fuping County, has only 89 pupils, had few reading books suitable for younger children. In addition to over 1,000 books and furniture donated, Sika also worked with its contractor to refurbish the reading classroom to create a nice and comfortable reading environment to the children.

This year, in order to involve more people this charity project, Sika China has carried out a series of activities.

In addition to the books bought through The Library Project organization, Sika China also calls on its staff and partners to donate new or second-hand books by setting up donation site at every office and organizing “Book Donation Day”. All the books collected will be sent to the schools with Sika donated libraries.

A volunteer team comprised of Sika employees was set up to take part in various charity activities. Some volunteers stayed on the reading room refurbishment site even during the National Day holiday; some volunteers came to the schools to set book shelves, sort books and carry out donation ceremonies; some volunteers help collect books locally.

In 2015, the reading rooms refurbished with Sika Construction products were highly praised by the Library Project organization, local education bureaus and schools as well as liked by the children. In 2016, Sika continued its cooperation with Jilin Deshi Construction Company to refurbish the reading classrooms of seven schools with Sika construction products.

The surfaces of walls and ceilings were then coated with Sikagard® Wallcoat. On the floor, Sika epoxy flooring system (Sikafloor®-264 T + color chips+ Sikafloor®- 315) was installed. The window frames and doors were cleaned and repainted and broken lights were replaced with new ones. All materials are environmentally-friendly, creating a healthy and safe environment for the children. The flooring system, with its excellent anti-slip and anti-wear performance, is safe for use by the children and durable. The color of floor was selected as ocean blue, creating a calm atmosphere in the reading classroom suitable for reading and study. In addition, the blue color of the ocean symbolizes the ocean of knowledge where the children can explore.

About the Library Project
The Library Project is a non-profit charity organization. It donates books and libraries to under-financed schools and orphanages in Asia. The Library Project has donated over 2000 libraries since 2006 to primary schools in remote regions in China. The Library Project is a partner of the China Population Welfare Foundation, a charity organization approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

About Sika
Founded in 1910 in Switzerland, Sika is now a global company specializing in specialty chemicals and application technology. In the construction and manufacturing industries, Sika is a world leader in processing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures. A total of associated over 170 production and marketing companies in over 90 countries serve customers of Sika.

With its regional headquarters based in Suzhou Industrial Park, Sika China operates 9 production factories and a marketing and sales network throughout China. With excellent quality and diversified products, Sika China provides customers with all around solutions as well as strong technical support.

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