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3D Bioprinting World Market Segmentation and Major Players Analysis 2020

WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On –“3D Bioprinting - Giving New Life - Drivers, Barriers and Trends”.

PUNE, INDIA, September 19, 2016 / -- Medicine evolves almost spontaneously. Companies like Organovo, which is printing human tissue with the help of 3D printers developed in collaboration with Invetech will lead us into the future of medicine. As this technology advances, synthetic body organs and artificial tissues will become a reality in future.


To name a few, the market leaders like Organovo, EnvisionTEC and Bio3D Technologies have already conquered this market. Organovo, which is a 3-D bioprinting technology centric company, recently presented data on creating a three-dimensional kidney tissue at the 2015 Experimental Biology conference in Boston, Massachusetts. This company always keeps coming up with astonishing developments with the help of this technology.

The only difference in this method of 3D printing lies in the type of ink used. The ink could be made of a single element or an assortment of various materials ranging from living cells to semiconductors. The final product from this procedure is made of better predictive values and possesses higher clinical relevance.

The current engineering techniques have made integrating mechanical properties, such as electrical conductivity or optical traits into the 3-D materials very easy. These materials can now recognize and respond to their surrounding environment.



Organ transplants for the one really in need is driving this market largely
The demands for 3D bioprinting market is expected to grow even more.

The current global market for the 3-D bioprinting technology is still in its nascent stages and has the tendency of facing few ups and downs.

This technology is quite expensive too.

This report deals with the present 3D bioprinting market and the promise, the sheer potential, which it holds for the future. The report also provides key insights into strategies and solutions of key market leaders like Organovo, EnvisionTEC and Bio3D Technologies.

The report covers the entire market in four major parts:
Section 1 is a concise introduction, while section 2 gives an overview of the 3D bioprinting market. It delves into the technology snapshot, drivers, restraints and growth prospects of the industry.

Section 3 focuses on the technology on which various companies are working, their products and services, along with our analysts' views of the market. This is done with the aim of giving a complete overview of the market to the reader, letting them draw their own conclusions about the offerings on hand.

Section 4 analyzes the role being played by stakeholders contributing to the growth of the market and the funding received by startups in the last year by some investment firms. It also gives a glimpse into what the future of the industry would look like 5 years down the line and future policies that might impact the 3D bioprinting market.

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Table of content

1.1 Research Methodology

1.2 Key Findings

Executive Summary
Current Market Trends
3.1 Market Overview

3.2 Technology Snapshot

3.3 Factors Driving the Market

3.4 Factors Restraining the Market

3D Culture Scaffold Vendor Profiles
4.1 3D Biotek

4.1.1 Company Overview

4.1.2 Products and Services

4.1.3 Analyst View

4.2 Reinnervate Ltd

4.2.1 Company Overview

4.2.2 Products and Services

4.2.3 Analyst View

4.3 Life Technologies

4.3.1 Company Overview

4.3.2 Products and Services

4.3.3 Analyst View

4.4 SCIVAX Corporation

4.4.1 Company Overview

4.4.2 Products and Services

4.4.3 Analyst View

4.5 Nanofiber Solutions

4.5.1 Company Overview

4.5.2 Products and Services

4.5.3 Analyst View

4.6 The Electrospinning Company Ltd

4.6.1 Company Overview

4.6.2 Products and Services

4.6.3 Analyst View

4.7 Matricel

4.7.1 Company Overview

4.7.2 Products and Services

4.7.3 Analyst View

4.8 Insphero

4.8.1 Company Overview

4.8.2 Products and Services

4.8.3 Analyst View

4.9 Boca Scientific, Inc.

4.9.1 Company Overview

4.9.2 Products and Services

4.9.3 Analyst View

4.10 GeSim

4.10.1 Company Overview

4.10.2 Products and Services

4.10.3 Analyst View

3D Cell/Tissue Printing Companies
5.1 Organavo

5.1.1 Company Overview

5.1.2 Products and Services

5.1.3 Analyst View

5.2 OxSyBio

5.2.1 Company Overview

5.2.2 Products and Services

5.2.3 Analyst View

5.3 Aspect Biosystems

5.3.1 Company Overview

5.3.2 Products and Services

5.3.3 Analyst View

5.4 EnvisionTec

5.4.1 Company Overview

5.4.2 Products and Services

5.4.3 Analyst View

5.5 Nano3D Biosciences, Inc.

5.5.1 Company Overview

5.5.2 Products and Services

5.5.3 Analyst View

5.6 Rainbow Coral Corp.

5.6.1 Company Overview

5.6.2 Products and Services

5.6.3 Analyst View

5.7 3D Bioprinting Solutions

5.7.1 Company Overview

5.7.2 Products and Services

5.7.3 Analyst View

5.8 TeVido

5.8.1 Company Overview

5.8.2 Products and Services

5.8.3 Analyst View

Road ahead for 3D Bioprinting Market
Investment Analysis
7.1 Role of Business Accelerators

7.2 Investment Firms Strategies and Recent Investments

Future of 3D Bioprinting
List of Tables
List of Figures
Works Cited

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