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Love for Pin Up Brings Back Bygone Beauty

RUMSON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2015 / -- Maybe it was Patton’s tanks, or Ike’s D-Day planning for the invasion of Normandy. Maybe it was the stamina of long-suffering Londoners who stood up to the Luftwaffe during the Blitz, or the determination of the French Resistance battling the occupying Nazis; or the home front victory gardens and Rosie the Riveter. Winning World War II was a concerted effort on the part of many people. But if you ask the troops, they’d surely say that they couldn’t have done it without Betty Grable, Jane Russell, and Rita Hayworth. These ladies never manned a battle station or wielded a weapon, but the soldiers who defeated the Axis powers went to war inspired by the beauty of the pin ups.

Pin up is an art form that transcends time. The icons of beauty whose faces and figures adorned military barracks defined an era. Soldiers might have gone to war to fight for truth and freedom, and they cherished the letters they received from the girls next door, but the pin-ups embodied a motivation all their own. Sweet and sexy, and somehow innocent despite the come-hither looks, the women were all about empowerment, even in an era when the ladies had not yet defined equality in a man’s world. Confident in their allure, the pin ups were ready to meet the world on their terms. Rio Designs wants to bring that era to the modern woman with the Pin Up Collaboration Calendar, a classic nostalgic rendition of beauty and art with model Debbie Abazia evoking the fashion, makeup, hair and design of that bygone era. While the calendar will give a nod to contemporary technology by appearing in a digital format, the primary focus will be on the print version, just as it was in the glory days of the pin up.

Love for Pin Up is a project by Rio Designs founded by Christine Feldmann. Rio Designs is a division of a public relations/graphic design/fashion production development team working in collaboration with model Debbie Abazia and photographer Rebecca D’Amato to complete a venture that shows a passion for art and fashion photography. The high quality, full-size, 12-month, perfect-bound color calendar will bring back the vintage fashion classic of yesteryear.

Together they’ve built an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $5000 to $10000 by May 4. The Rio Designs Collaboration Calendar Project, a high-end small business, has a strong global recognition that showcases breathtaking pin-up images that capture the classic style of Debbie Abazia. Debbie’s collaboration with Rio Designs has helped to inspire both men and woman with the beauty of eco-green fashion. Her clients include Clairol, Contemporary Bride of NJ Magazine, Naturalizer Shoes, Vasoline Intensive Care, Hip Chick Purses, and numerous others. Modeling is one of her creative outlets, but other specialties include market development, trade shows and promotions, dance and stage performance.
In honor of the calendar’s debut, Rio Designs will issue the VW Classic Beetle Creative Design Photograph Album that features an array of stunning pin-up images that accompany an article about a personal pin-up life experience.

The crowdfunding support will help with the printing costs, a major expense when printing a calendar. The rest of the funds will be used to pay for the photography, graphic design, and the other costs connected with the project. The project is not only looking for donors who will provide financial help, but who will also spread the world through popular social media. The money raised is important, but so is the anticipation for this unique project, as the pin up returns.

The Team

About Rio Designs Service Lifestyle PR News EST. 2012

Is a leading full-service digital small business based in the USA with a significant presence all over the globe. Rio Designs ( is owned and run by Christine Feldmann, Founder and with her excellent expertise she has a perfect eye for color, style and the ability to graphically represent your brand. As part of the global community, Christine is a regular contributor to Charitable Organizations and Foundations to Support Communities in Need. Being medically and environmentally conscious is an inherent characteristic of her leadership model.

About Debbie Abazia - Professional Model & Director of Fashion Production Development

Debbie Abazia ( has gained recognition as an innovative fashion model on the New Jersey Shore. She helps clients create low-cost, effective PR campaigns that differentiate their business services through the visual arts. Debbie has been a professional model since 1998 and has an array of experiences. She has worked coast to coast with seasoned photographers and customers. Debbie is passionate about environmental issues, and has been heavily involved with the Ocean Conservancy since 2000.

About Viaggio Images, LLC - Rebecca D’Amato, Photographer

A professional photographer ( with a broad background in business and leadership, Rebecca D’Amato has served the communities she has lived and worked in for more than a decade. Rebecca has a true passion for paying forward and making a difference to the causes and organizations that benefit children, animals and small businesses.

About Pin Up
The Rio Designs collaboration project, creator of Pin Up Designs (, is a division of a public relations, graphic design, fashion production team working with model Debbie Abazia and photographer Rebecca D’Amato. Rio Designs founder Christine Feldmann is one of the leads of the pin-up project that evokes the sweet and sexy bygone era of the pin up, a time in our nation’s history that has become iconic. The project’s goal is to recreate that era in a nostalgic calendar that speaks to today’s woman. Rio Designs was founded in 2012 as an innovative East Coast digital small business revolutionizing the traditional print advertising and PR news industry. The company philosophy builds on a direct connection between fun and success, clearly a formula for success.

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Love for Pin Up
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