Morgan's Ultrasound

At Loro Parque, we are already preparing everything to welcome Morgan's soon-to-be-born offspring, which according to the calculations of our experts, will arrive late summer/early fall. Knowing that, we are facing quite a challenge, as this type of situation have never occurred before. Considering that Morgan is deaf, it is yet unknown as to what her behaviour will be after the birth of the baby. Nonetheless, we have been organizing all types of materials during these months that facilitate the correct development of her pregnancy and allow us to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Thus, we have intensified the care and the medical training routines with her at Loro Parque during the months of gestation, and this has allowed us to implement an exhaustive follow-up of the foetus and to continuously verify its evolution. In this video you can see one of his routine ultrasounds, which are done twice a week. And you can already get to know the baby, which finds itself in a perfect condition inside its motherĀ“s womb.

Posted by Loro Parque on Saturday, 16 June 2018