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Research Shows CrossFit Diet/Exercise Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

05/17/2012 (press release: marthale) // Laguna Niguel , CA, United States // Ian Lauth

There has been a growing shift about the beliefs regarding the connection between high levels of cholesterol and health problems such as heart disease. For many years, people have been conditioned to accept that cholesterol is a primary cause to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and that treatment options are limited to costly prescribed medication. Recent research has effectively diminished this theory proposing a serious revision to the current clinical and public health recommendations regarding the dangers of cholesterol.

A study published by the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice tested the theory of high cholesterol as the leading cause of CVD. Evaluating 52,087 people between the ages of 20 – 74, it compared an individual’s total serum cholesterol with total mortality, and specifically mortality from CVD and ischaemic heart diseases. The conclusion found an indication of possible errors in the particular CVD risk algorithms of many clinical guidelines. In fact, moderately elevated levels of cholesterol in women “may prove to be not only harmless, but even beneficial,” the study concluded.

More and more contemporary studies are shedding light on the possibility that the supposed link between cholesterol and heart disease is, at best, imaginary. The highlight study administered by the World Health Organization (WHO), monitored the trends in cardiovascular disease. Comparing the cholesterol levels with the rate of heart disease across many European countries, as well as Australia, the findings were staggering.

Australian Aboriginals, having the highest mortality rates from heart disease, showed to have the lowest average cholesterol levels. Conversely, the country with the highest average cholesterol levels, Switzerland, was found to be among one of the lowest populations to suffer from heart disease. Across the globe, the previously assumed scientific link between cholesterol and heart disease is diminishing, study by study.

New science indicates having a proper diet, one void of complex carbohydrates, can help fight against heart disease. More people are embracing the idea that risk factors for CVD are controllable through diet and exercise, and gradually moving away from prescription medication. Diets that are low in carbohydrates and refined sugars such as the Paleo diet are becoming increasingly popular. “We promote a nutrition plan of natural ingredients such as fish, animal products, green leafy vegetables and fruit,” affirms Ian Lauth of CrossFit Laguna Niguel. He continues, “It really comes down to getting the proper amount of exercise, and eating the foods nature give us.”

Medical & clinical research is ongoing, and while there is not a definitive answer to the cholesterol/heart disease puzzle, new research has cast an ominous shadow of doubt on what was once considered a clearly justifiable connection. Growing evidence continues to point to diet and exercise as the foremost method to decrease health hazards. Ian finalizes his thoughts, “The Paleo diet is about consuming what is natural for us, as humans, to eat. Things that don’t need an ingredient list. Paleo is about controlling your health without swallowing bottles of pills each day.”

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