Car Accessories Startup mAuto Store Announces Hit Video Boosts Sales of Car Sun Shades in the USA

/ Online retailer of car accessories mAuto Store announces its exclusive video launch has been a success as press releases about the company's signature products circle the web.

Inventive online car accessories retailer mAuto Store has announced that the first video launch of its signature Eyes Car Sun Shades was a resounding success. Few would imagine a video about car sun shades could actually be intriguing. Surprisingly, mAuto Store did and saying that people love it is an understatement.

The unprecedented reaction to the video starring Pretty Pink Eyes, Blue Eyes and Angry Eyes has resulted in an increase in sales at mAuto Store. CEO and Founder Lester Mapp said, "I want people to smile when they see it."

The innovative startup knew it was onto something when 3,000 car sun shades sold in one month last year. So as soon as another industry player dropped the ball on a similar product mAuto Store picked it up and scored, as press releases on the launch keep popping up all over the Internet.

With comments and requests piling up, it appears the YouTube video is lighting a fire under consumers. The video's sincerity, innocence and emotion are inspiring the sense of awe and wonder that mAuto Store wanted to bring to the car accessories industry.

By leaving out all the fancy gimmicks found in modern advertising mAuto Store is giving new meaning to the (KISS) Keep It Simple Strategy which is making everyone sit up and pay attention.

If the excitement over mAuto Store's first product video is any indication, the car accessories industry will be marked by the company's vibrant presence. It seems that as the first product video circles the web plans are already afoot to introduce another product by the name of Slim.

The must-see video has been described as funny, captivating and unforgettable and is already helping mAuto Store to transform the automotive industry from the inside out.

mAuto Store is an online retailer and manufacturer of car accessories based in Aventura Florida. The company offers a unique online shopping experience for customers. For more information visit

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