Smile in the City New York Cosmetic Dentists Use Laser Dentistry for Accurate, Painless Treatments

Smile in the City Offers Premium New York Cosmetic Dentist Services with Quick, Painless Lasers to Treat Various Forms of Gum Disease

/ NEW YORK CITY - A leading team of Manhattan cosmetic dentists is using cutting-edge technology to treat patients as effectively and painlessly as possible by way of laser dentistry. Smile in the City offers premium services in periodontic treatments, using lasers for comfortable and incredibly precise treatments that target a patient's gums.

"People sometimes associate a dental visit with discomfort and pain, but with advances in laser technology, there is no need to be afraid," said Dr. Joseph Zelig, D.D.S. "Our staff uses the most recent technology for the highest level of precision possible, and by doing so, we limit patient pain and reduce recovery times. We do this with tools that don't cause excessive swelling or bleeding."

By using a combination of the laser energy and water to wipe away loose debris, bacteria and toxins, Smile in the City can treat certain gum conditions without the use of traditional tools. The same technology can be applied for such cosmetic dental procedures as gum lifts, gum depigmentation and gum grafts.

As a group of leading New York cosmetic dentists, the team at Smile in the City offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options, including implants, whitening, full mouth reconstruction and more.

"By using lasers and other painless dentistry techniques, we can help our patients overcome anxieties and develop stronger dental habits," Dr. Zelig said. "The more comfortable you are in the dentist chair, the more likely you are to enjoy a healthy smile."

About Smile in the City: Smile in the City ( is a Manhattan-based dental practice dedicated to providing the best in cosmetic dentistry. New York patients can receive the latest in laser dental procedures and periodontal treatments from a top Manhattan cosmetic dentist at Smile in the City.

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