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US Company Introduces Heat Based Phytosanitation Systems for WOOD CHIPS bound for EU Members

West Creek Energy is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our heat based Phytosanitation system proven to meet 'time and temperature' criteria 'for the pasteurization (sanitation) of wood chips for export/import.

/ April 12, 2012 -- " Our ' heat based ' technology is a chemical free non Ozone depleting system which can handle up to 450,000 metric tonnes production per year per unit. Smaller systems are available and all units are fully adjustable to the output moisture our customer specifies. Our units meet or exceed IPPC, ISPM15 and regulated EU Phytosanitation standards. West Creek's technology partner has installed a full size operating commercial heat based Phytosanitation system at a customer's site in North America which has obtained USDA approvals. Comments Mr. Joseph W. Majka Chairman of West Creek Energy Group, Inc.

The European Parliament has banned the use of Methyl Bromide chemical based fumigation in the EU as of March 2010 for environmental and health reasons. This legislation goes a step beyond the requirements of the Montreal Protocol by banning the use of Methyl Bromide. Canada has adopted this position while Australia, the United States, New Zealand and 123 other countries are now in the process of phasing out Methyl Bromide fumigation of forest products. To date the only effective acceptable alternative to banned chemical based fumigation of forest products is a "pasteurization "(sanitation) process utilizing heat treatment.

"We are very energized by the number of inquiries and level of interest resulting from our initial soft product launch mid- January 2012. The market response once again demonstrates that companies in the Forest Product industry are responsible members of the world trade community and endeavor to be good stewards of the environment. West Creek Energy is already in the final proposal stages with 3 major wood chip producers who will be exporting wood chips to member of the EU "; further comments Mr. Majka.

Over 65 years of engineering, design, and fabrication experience coupled with 50 worldwide patents leaves no performance questions concerning our technology partner TDC (Thompson Dehydrating Company) . Made 100% in the USA: TDC without fail meets or exceeds all emission and manufacturing standards and provides a 100% process guarantee. TDC operate globally and West Creek welcomes all inquiries.

West Creek Energy Group is a global energy solution provider focused on: Phytosanitation (Heat Based) units, Torrefaction units (Bio-Coal) units and HD Industrial Rotary Drum Dryers. West Creek Energy Group is committed to providing 'green solutions 'to the forest products industry and looks forward to discussing the features and cost effective benefits of non - chemical, heat based Phytosanitation systems.

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