Reputation Changer: General Mills, Apple, Kraft Highlight Importance Of Brand Reputation

A new report, highlights the importance of reputation among large brands and corporations, and lists General Mills, Kraft, and Apple as three of the most reputable companies in America.

/ How does a consumer make the decision to buy one brand over another? This is a question that consumers are wrestling with more than ever, according to a new report from Forbes. The article notes that consumers now have more choices but less clarity than ever before, and while there might be ten similar products on the shelf, it can prove difficult to ascertain which one is truly superior. In such instances, most consumers make their decisions based largely on their perception of the brand itself, meaning brand reputation management is more important than ever before. Ultimately, this is why more and more brands are turning to professional reputation management companies, like Reputation Changer.

And according to Forbes, reputation management is something that truly pays off in the long haul. The article highlights a recent study, conducted by the Reputation Institute, which ranks the most reputable companies in America. Among the brands on the list are such wildly profitable companies as General Mills, Kraft, and Apple.

In fact, the study indicates that these companies are successful in large part because of the efforts they put into maintaining their reputations. General Mills, for example, proves popular among consumers largely because of the group's humanitarian focus, good corporate citizenship, and twin commitment to taste and to nutrition. The Reputation Institute claims that much of Apple's success can be attributed to the positive perception consumers have of the company's governance, not just to its innovative products.

But of course, this kind of positive reputation takes years to build, and a single bad review or unwanted piece of publicity can all but destroy it. For companies not blessed with such a sterling public perception, there are reputation management options aplenty.

Justin Singletary is the Chief Executive Officer of one of these reputation management companies, called Reputation Changer. According to Singletary, no business should go without paying the proper heed to reputation management. "Even if a brand's reputation is pretty good, all it takes is one bad piece of publicity, finding its way onto Google, to tarnish the whole enterprise," Singletary stresses. "That's why big companies like the ones in this report are rigorous about monitoring their own reputations, and responding as promptly as possible."

This around-the-clock monitoring is precisely what a reputation management firm like Singletary's has to offer. "We have a team devoted to ensuring that a brand's reputation is closely observed, 24/7," Singletary confirms. Should a negative review or piece of bad publicity appear, the team responds instantly and decisively.

But as Singletary is quick to point out, this response does not involve refuting or rebutting the bad publicity. "It is important for companies to understand the dangers of refuting these attempts at defamation. Ultimately, doing so just makes those online listings stronger and more visible," he cautions. Instead, companies like Reputation Changer seek to suppress this bad publicity by inundating search engines with positive content.

"Ultimately, it's about creating a strong, positive public perception," Singletary explains. He points to General Mills and Apple as prime examples. "With these companies, their success is about much more than the products themselves. The success is because consumers feel like they know these companies, like these companies, and ultimately can trust these companies," he concludes.

But this level of public trust is difficult to create, which is where reputation defense firms come into play. Singletary says that his own company has worked with companies and brands of all shapes and sizes. "We have addressed the reputation management needs of Fortune 500 companies, but also of small businesses, even home-based startups," Singletary says. "In each case, we develop a customized strategy that is ultimately meant to establish the brand in question as the brand of choice among consumers."

As evidence of what happens when companies do not invest in their reputations, Singletary says one need look no further than to the Reputation Institute's list, which features Freddie Mac and Goldman Sachs at the bottom of the heap.

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