Ed Young's Teachings Affirmed As Married Couples Rediscover Importance Of Sex

/EINPresswire.com/ A new study shows that, while married sex may get a bad rap from popular culture, it is more important than ever before among most married couples. The study lends affirmation to the teachings of author and Pastor Ed Young.

The knock against marriage is that it is the beginning of the end of passion and spontaneity. According to many movies, books, and sitcoms, a steamy, physical relationship can go stale as soon as the wedding rings are put on. A new study reveals that this stereotype has little basis in reality, however. USA Today reports that, in a new poll, married women and men say that sex is vital for keeping their relationships afloat—a finding that lends credence to the teachings of pastor and author Ed Young

The study featured a poll of more than a thousand wives, ages 18-49. When asked about the importance of sex to their marriages, an overwhelming 75% of the women said that it was "very important." Of the 25% remaining, 16% admitted that it was at least "somewhat important."

The study gets mileage out of the common idea that married sex is less desirable. Barry McCarthy, a sex therapist, is quoted as saying that the movies downplay married sex in favor or extramarital or premarital sex, not because married sex does not happen but simply because it is seen as less glamorous. "In the movies and in our culture, what is exciting sexually is something that is breaking the boundaries and is illicit," notes McCarthy. "The key to marital sex is integrating intimacy and eroticism."

Both the findings of the poll and the illuminating comments from McCarthy serve to underscore some of the central teachings of Ed Young, a pastor and author from the Dallas area. Ed Young's new book, Sexperiment, has generated headlines for its frank discussion of sex, marriage, and the Bible. The book's central teaching echoes the comments made by McCarthy—namely, that marital sex is integral, but that intimacy and physical appeal are vitally important.

The Dallas pastor's book is quick to confirm that sex is not the only important aspect of marriage, but the underlying premise of the work is that good sex is necessary for sustaining a happy, healthy marriage.

In fact, Sexperiment offers its readers—ideally, Christian married couples—a challenge. Ed Young, Dallas encourages couples to read the book together, and to have sex together once a day for a week, then to evaluate the effect this regular intimacy had on their marriage. The book also highlights the fact that marital sex should not only be regular, but also creative and passionate.

Ed Young claims that this kind of robust sex life will lead married couples to enjoy greater purity and a stronger sense of purpose together.

Ed Young is the founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. He has written more than a dozen books, including his latest release, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse. The book, written alongside wife, Lisa, has garnered a great deal of attention for its unconventional take on the importance of sex within a marriage. While many religious leaders avoid the topic, Ed Young has preached the importance of intimacy within a marriage for years.

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