Free SEO Lead Generation Program Launched to Help Small Businesses, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

/ Free program to help Small Businesses with Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation and automated Sales Process Follow-up has been launched. This "5 Day Marketing Turnaround" Program is ideal for small businesses struggling with online lead generation.

A free new initiative aimed at helping small businesses accelerate growth with online marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Process Follow-up has been launched.

The program is ideally suited for businesses and organizations that struggle with online lead generation and sales process follow-up.

An estimated 95% of small businesses are losing potential sales due to the fact that they have not sufficiently addressed basic search engine optimization details, lead generation best practices, and because they are not effectively leveraging the power of social media marketing.

The new site set up by offers a 5 Day "Quick Start" Marketing program that includes:
- Step by Step Video Training (concise 5-8 minute modules).
- How to build a website lessons.
- SEO Training to teach how to get on front page of Google.
- Lead Generation Basics.
- Downloadable Guides.

Although the training may seem "basic" to some, it is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge that will prove useful for virtually all small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Even local business owners who generate most of their sales through paid advertising will benefit by being more knowledgeable about how online search actually works, how lead generation works, how social media can influence website traffic and sales conversions and more.

The entire program can be completed in less than a couple of hours, elapsed over a 5 day period - and participants in the program are encouraged to implement the lessons as they progress through the program.

The 5 Day Business Marketing Turnaround offers small business owners an opportunity and a "road map" or "blueprint" so they can essentially "turn around" their business, in terms of marketing.

For any business owner, manager, seo consultant, sales consultant, marketing manager or general manager of a small business, the content of this program is vitally important.

People who invest a small amount of time to absorb the information offered by will be able to capitalize on the experience by improving the overall effectiveness of their online presence, implementing a basic lead generation system, improving their Google Adwords advertising campaigns (if applicable), increasing the effectiveness of their lead follow-up and more.

"After speaking directly with several hundred small business owners over the past three years, it is plainly evident that very few of them understand the fundamentals of online marketing. Many small business owners could perform significantly better, financially, if they simply focused on the fundamentals - to start. By that I mean that they should focus on implementing an effective traffic-generation, lead capture sales funnel, and lead follow-up system. At the most basic level, all of this can be accomplished for very little money. The program we are offering at, along with the companion email tutorial series, should be sufficient to help any small business owner get started for free." said Brock Allen.

The free 5 Day Business Marketing Turnaround Program offered at MySEOGuru represents the first of several free initiatives Brock Allen is planning to release during the next 30 days, as part of a broader effort to help small businesses.

Details of the completely free program can be found at website:

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