Dongwoon International Launches Premium Luxury Gold And Platinum Jewelry USB "My Memoria"

/ To challenge the world of USB market, Blue Ocean Strategy comes with its new concept jewelry USB which is a combination of jewelry and USB.

CEO of Dongwoon International, which is specialized in semiconductor distribution, said that its jewelry USB "My Memoria" with the original cut crystal of Swarovski is favorably reviewed in the major international shows held in Russia, China and India.

My Memoria USB is developed based on a possibility as a luxurious fashion item rather than the existing USB concept focused on information-saving. This USB is decorated with the original cut crystal of Swarovski which is well known as a luxurious jewelry brand, and its design is beautiful and fashionable leading a trend that a young generation uses the USB as a necklace or a decoration for a mobile phone.

However, overseas markets show more enthusiastic responses to this jewelry USB. My Memoria has participated in famous overseas shows in China, Hong Kong, India and Thailand, and steadily received favorable reviews. Starting with East China Fair and Convergence India in March, it participated in Guangzhou Canton Fair, Bangkok International Gift Fair and Hong Kong Gift Fair in April.

East China Fair, Guangzhou Canton Fair and YiWu Fair, are three biggest fairs in China and Bangkok International Gift Fair is famous as the biggest gift and house fair of South East Asia. The booth of Dongwoon International was crowded with visitors at every fair and all visitors complimented with the words like "I thought it would be an accessory, but after knowing that it is USB memory, I felt surprised." and "The design is excellent". Many local buyers showed big interest in the product.

Dongwoon International made a succeed meeting and opened to export USB in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Russia. It also made opportunities to be supplied to corporate events as a souvenir or a gift for VIP's. It attracted great popularity.

Since the launch in November last year, My Memoria is getting hot reviews in the world market through its luxurious design and reasonable price. Chip-on-board (COB) technology that all the USB components are integrated into a chip is applied to this product. Therefore, its capacity is 32GB, but it is very light (5 grams in weight) and small (1.40mm-thickness). It has remarkable durability, water-proof and dust-proof.

Staff of Dongwoon International said, "We could learn the demand of the market and our business direction through the participation in the shows of new markets that are on rapid growth. And we are very pleased to have made good results at every fair and we will strive to develop new products of excellent designs which can compete in the world market."

Dongwoon International, a company specialized in semiconductor distribution, started its business in 1987 under the name of Dongwoon Corporation and the name of Dongwoon International was obtained in 1998. Since then, it has built up its specialty in the supply, export and import of semiconductors. In 2004, it won Two-Thousand Dollar Export Tower from the Korea International Trade Association and in 2006, Dongwoon Anatech, which is specialized in analog semiconductor design, got separated from it. In September 2009, it launched My Memoria and has been introducing jewelry USB of various designs.

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