Trade Show Emporium Launches New Online Store Offering Trade Show Display Products And Accessories

Introducing Trade Show Emporium's new online store. Finally there is a simple to navigate, easy to understand trade show display website.

/, CO - It is believed that exhibitions and trade shows began almost 600 years before the birth of Christ. That's a long time! Since then trade shows have come a long way and so have the companies that sell trade show exhibits. In the late 90's the e-commerce wave surged with on-line companies offering trade show displays and accessories and the industry was flooded with hundreds of companies offering the same thing. In 2007, Trade Show Emporium was created and that perception was changed. TSE eliminated the sell, sell mentality and concentrated on developing customer relationships in order to learn what the client's actual needs are and to be sure the solutions fit their budget. Trade Show Emporium was also the first company to offer a wide range of display products made from environmentally responsible materials, like pop up displays and banner stands. Even TSE's fabric graphics are printed on a fabric that is made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles.

Being an innovator in the industry is nothing new to Trade Show Emporium and they are about to do it again. After years of using their trusted website they noticed that it looked very similar to the websites of all of their competitors. The sites were cramped, hard to read, difficult to navigate, and it was difficult to find what the customer really wanted. Why wasn't there a site that was easy to navigate? Where was the website where a customer could navigate via images rather than text? Wasn't there a trade show site that showed what past clients purchased and much they paid for it? Why wasn't there a site where the customer could see the entire product, pricing, and necessary information they wanted together in one place? Well now there is!

Introducing the new standard for trade show exhibit websites: TSE has worked hard to give the customer everything they need in a simple, easy to navigate website. Please take a look. The bar has been set so now enjoy the best of the best.

Willis Wood
Trade Show Emporium

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