New Cyber Security Assessment Tool assesses the overall security posture of your organisation

/ Are you cyber secure? Are you cyber resilient? Do you have everything in place to ensure you can survive a cyber attack? How would you know?

IT Governance Ltd, the global leader in information security, has released a Cyber Security Assessment Tool; an innovative self assessment tool that enables any organisation to quickly assess and demonstrate, by reference to a straightforward 'traffic light' matrix, which areas of the organisation are up to scratch and where more attention is required (

This Cyber Security Assessment Tool has a very specific, high-level purpose in any cyber security or ISMS project. It will quickly and clearly identify areas of potential security weakness in the organisation's cyber readiness and to identify the probability of a threat exploiting the vulnerability and the potential impact on the organisation if this occurred. The tool is ideal for demonstrating to management or project staff within the organisation where the key vulnerabilities are (

Alan Calder, the CEO at IT Governance says, 'this cyber security self assessment tool draws on a range of international standards to identify the best practice against which an organisation should assess itself. It also provides links to standards, books and tools, and training courses which can help organisations tackle those areas of cyber insecurity which are pinpointed by this assessment'.

This Cyber Security Assessment Tool provides you with comprehensive coverage and helps you assess the overall security posture of the organisation by covering critical areas, such as; cyber security governance framework, network security, business continuity and cyber resilience, incident response, digital forensics, the human factor, and much more (

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool is easy to use and gives immediate answers and guidance. It has been developed by our experienced compliance team, and drawing on a range of international standards, this tool will get you started on the route to ensuring actual Cyber security.

Organisations can purchase this Cyber Security Assessment Tool here at .

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