Company Launches New Alkaline Water Filter That Hydrates The Body At The Cellular Level

/ A New Alkaline Water Filter Has Just Hit The Market And It Filters Your Water AND Raises The pH to 9.5 While Saving You Thousands Of Dollars.

ClearlyFiltered has done it again! The ever-growing filtered water bottle startup out of Orange County, CA has just launched their newest product and it's a real game changer.

They call it the pH Alkaline Pro and it is the first portable alkaline water filter to remove up to 99.99% of all contaminants AND raise the pH (alkalinity) up to 9.5.

Alkaline water has gained popularity with companies such as Kangen that promote the extreme hydrating benefits of high pH water. But unlike these companies who charge upwards of $5,000+ for a bulky machine, ClearlyFiltered's pH Alkaline Pro does it better and faster, for a fraction of the price. At $139 dollars, the pH Alkaline Pro is the most affordable alkaline water filter in the world.

"Consumers now have a more realistic option for getting high alkaline water without having to spend thousands of dollars" says ClearlyFiltered founder Asaiah Passwater, "The beauty of the pH Alkaline Pro is that it's remarkably simple to use - you just fill up and go."

The idea behind the pH Alkaline Pro has been years in the making with significant resources dedicated to research, development and testing of the product. All this was done with the hope that the technology would become more accessible to a greater number of people.

Before the product could be released to the public, copious amounts of testing had to be performed by independent laboratories to prove the filter's claims. The test results revealed that the pH of the water not only became more alkaline (pH 9.5), but it also held that pH for months without degrading. Typically, the pH of alkaline water machines degrades after a matter of hours, but not with the pH Alkaline Pro. ClearlyFiltered calls this unique ability WaterMemory™, which sets ClearlyFiltered miles apart from the competition.

The pH Alkaline Pro was designed for individuals looking to improve their health at the cellular level. By drinking high alkaline water, people can expect superior hydration, to have more energy, and to balance out the negative effects of an acidic diet.

Finally there is a better way to achieve the numerous health benefits of an alkaline diet without spending thousands on a complex ionizer only to get substandard results. The pH Alkaline Pro offers unrivaled value and excellent results.

Health conscious individuals looking to improve the quality of their water are encouraged to visit for more information.

About Clearly Filtered
Clearly Filtered is a portable water filtration company located in Orange County, CA. They are dedicated to educating people about clean water and showing them how Clearly Filtered products can help them live a healthier, fuller life.

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Clearly Filtered

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