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Keyless Emerges as Market Leader in Liminal's Review of 50 Key Players in Customer Authentication

Link Index for Customer Authentication Leading Vendor

The level of innovation Keyless has brought to biometric authentication is not to be taken lightly.”
— Travis Jarae, Founder and CEO at Liminal
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2024 / -- Keyless, the leader in privacy-preserving biometric authentication, has been named as a market leader in Liminal's comprehensive 2024 Link™ Index for Customer Authentication. This recognition underscores Keyless's leadership in an intensely competitive market, amongst a field of 50 top companies.

The Liminal report highlights Keyless’s innovative approach to biometrics, authenticating two factors with one glance without storing biometric data anywhere. The study evaluated multiple vendors across various criteria, including technology innovation, market reach, and the ability to meet consumer and regulatory demands. Keyless stood out for its exceptional performance in all categories, particularly in deploying biometric solutions that ensure user privacy and data protection.

Report highlights include Keyless’ excellence in providing Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across the entire identity lifecycle, including identity verification, login, step-up, PSD2 SCA (transaction signing), and account recovery. The report also covers Keyless’ MFA-by-design feature, which integrates two distinct authentication factors - inherence (passive liveness and facial matching) and possession (device verification) - with one glance at the camera, from any device, in under 300 milliseconds. Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™, the technology that ensures no biometric data is stored on the device or in the cloud, was also featured, as well as Keyless’ ability to integrate easily with customer identity & access management (CIAM) platforms and identity verification providers (IDVs).

"The level of innovation Keyless has brought to biometric authentication is not to be taken lightly,” said Travis Jarae, Founder and CEO at Liminal. “Their ability to authenticate biometrics without storing biometric data sets a new standard for privacy in the identity space."

Keyless’ Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™ (ZKB) technology uses a unique application of cryptography that does not store biometric data anywhere, making it ideal for the banking and fintech sectors. The Link™ Index report also highlights the demand for customer-friendly security solutions. Keyless meets this through its IDV Bridge feature, enabling seamless integration with any identity verification (IDV) provider for bulk enrollment of users who have already completed the one-time IDV process. This facilitates the immediate deployment of biometric MFA across an organization’s entire customer base.

"We are thrilled to be recognized by Liminal, a leading authority in the digital fraud and identity market," said Andrea Carmignani, Co-founder and CEO of Keyless. "This acknowledgment validates our commitment to providing privacy-preserving biometric authentication solutions that can prevent account takeovers whilst elevating the user experience and ensuring biometric anonymity.”

Keyless's technology is fully proprietary, encompassing the entire stack, and is certified by FIDO Biometrics and FIDO2, as well as under ISO30107, ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance. As identity security threats evolve, Keyless continues to innovate. This leadership position as highlighted in Liminal’s report is a testament to Keyless’s pivotal role in the biometric authentication and wider identity space.

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