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Latent AI Brings First Edge AI Capabilities to Esri’s ArcGIS

LEIP empowers ArcGIS users to transform their geospatial workflows with real-time data and insights. This collaboration revolutionizes how organizations approach geospatial analysis.”
— Jags Kandasamy, Latent AI CEO
PRINCETON, NJ, USA, June 25, 2024 / -- Latent AI, a leading provider of edge AI developer tools, has announced a groundbreaking integration of its Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP) with Esri’s ArcGIS software. This integration brings together developer tools with the powerful capabilities of ArcGIS to use AI in drones, sensors, and other edge devices.

ArcGIS users gain advanced capabilities with the LEIP integration, enabling faster decisions and deeper geospatial insights, especially in remote locations with bandwidth limitations. ArcGIS analysts benefit from a streamlined workflow, where they can build and optimize AI models directly within their familiar ArcGIS interface. With LEIP, these models are then effortlessly deployed to sensors, drones, and other edge devices for on-site analysis. LEIP’s field-updatable AI allows for adjustments and retraining directly on the device, ensuring models remain relevant and accurate over time, even in rapidly changing situations. This solution addresses data sovereignty concerns and minimizes data transfer by processing information locally.

LEIP delivers a powerful geospatial AI solution providing:
- Seamless model training and deployment: ArcGIS analysts can train, optimize, and deploy AI models directly within the familiar ArcGIS interface, eliminating complex workflows and allowing users to focus on real-time geospatial analysis.
- Optimization for any scenario: LEIP offers flexibility. Analysts can optimize models for cloud inference, achieving significant cost savings (40% OPEX reduction), or deploy them directly to edge devices for offline analysis.
- Adaptation to changing needs: LEIP's field-updatable AI enables on-site adaptation, even in scenarios with unreliable connectivity. Users can analyze results, make adjustments through a simple interface, and retrain & redeploy the AI model directly on their drones, sensors, or other edge devices.
- Effortless model re-integration: Model inferences automatically format for seamless re-ingestion into ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, or ArcGIS Enterprise, facilitating further analysis and deeper insights.

A Partnership for the Future of Geospatial Analysis
Latent AI’s inclusion in the Esri Startup Program, as part of the Esri Partner Network (EPN), provides services, tools, content, and support to partners. By joining Esri’s Startup Program, Latent AI gains access to invaluable resources within the Esri ecosystem, accelerating the development of LEIP to drive geospatial innovation and providing ArcGIS users with real-time, on-device analysis.

"We are thrilled to announce this integration with Esri, a recognized leader in geographic information system (GIS) software," said Jags Kandasamy, Latent AI CEO. "LEIP empowers ArcGIS users to transform their geospatial workflows with real-time data and insights at the data source. This collaboration revolutionizes how organizations approach geospatial analysis, leading to faster and more informed decisions."

“LEIP streamlines workflows and empowers our users by enabling them to train and deploy models directly within ArcGIS. This allows for faster decision-making, particularly valuable in remote locations with limited bandwidth,” adds Beau Legeer, Esri Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing.

Revolutionizing Geospatial Workflows with Edge AI
The LEIP and ArcGIS integration opens a new era of edge-powered geospatial analysis. With seamless model training, real-time edge AI, and effortless re-integration, ArcGIS users can gain a new level of efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

About Esri
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About Latent AI:
Latent AI, Inc. is a leading expert in edge AI, specializing in simplifying the complex process of implementing AI on any device. Established in 2018, Latent AI's cutting-edge developer platform is trusted by both government and commercial organizations looking to revolutionize their operations by harnessing the power of AI at the edge. Our tools empower developers to rapidly build secure, adaptive models and seamlessly update them in the field or lab.

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