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GLYNNdesignbuild Advocates for Teen Skilled Trades to Close Construction's Gender Divide: Bridging the Gap

Britt and Aaron Glynn

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITES STATES, June 10, 2024 / -- GLYNNdesignbuild, a leader in the design-build industry, believes it is important to recruit women into the building industry by introducing alternative options to the typical high school shop class. By expanding educational opportunities and raising awareness, the goal is for more young women to pursue careers in construction.

"Offering classes at the high school level in various trades provides essential tools for life after graduation, but not many young women will find the glamour in plumbing, mechanical systems, framing, or running electrical wire. We need more education around the alternate opportunities in the building industry. Women are natural communicators; putting together a project is about communication, organization, and managing various personalities," explains Britt Glynn, co-founder of GLYNNdesignbuild. "We find that women excel in all areas of project management. We must introduce these options to more young women and help close the industry's gender gap. A program marketed to young women is essential."

According to an article in UPI, women hold less than 11% of construction jobs and only 4% of skilled trade positions. This underscores the importance of good-paying, quality jobs that do not require a college degree. Expanding the construction industry education to include Project Management in high school closes the gender gap and helps to avoid the economic strain many students endure after pursuing a four-year degree.

Glynn emphasizes the need to raise awareness about the diverse opportunities for women in the construction industry. While many areas are available for specialization, awareness among women remains low. Today, most women in construction choose managerial roles, but the overall number of women in the industry is still too low. About 40% of women in construction work are in management, while only 2% are in production, transportation, or materials movement. Entering the construction field can be daunting for women without knowing their options. Marketing construction management to young women in high school helps alleviate this problem and opens more pathways for women.

"By recognizing and promoting these opportunities, we empower women to pursue rewarding careers and enrich the construction sector with their talents. Learning these skills in high school can empower girls at a young age to make a significant impact in the field and remove the stigma of females working in construction.

“I want to change the narrative that plays in most women's minds when thinking about construction. It is incredibly empowering and satisfying to work with a large team of people, each bringing their specific skills, knowledge, and life experience to the table, to build something that only existed on paper. It is a very fulfilling career," concludes Glynn.

Based in Los Angeles, GLYNNdesignbuild specializes in design-build and traditional general contracting services. Established in 2002 by Aaron and Britton Glynn, both holding Master's degrees in Architecture, the company stands out for its expertise in overseeing the construction process, ensuring top-notch quality, and achieving project efficiency. Aaron is a licensed General Contractor, while Britton is a licensed Architect. Together, they seamlessly merge innovative design with precise construction for outstanding results.

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