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Secrets of Karolina

"Secrets of Karolina” unravels the labyrinth of wealthy old families entangled in dark truths, while on an elusive search for love

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 14, 2024 / -- Admired storyteller Kasalaini Sauvou welcomes readers on an electrifying expedition into the obscure realms of familial complexities and disguised motives in her newest creation, "Secrets of Karolina." In the picturesque vineyards of Italy, Sauvou deftly traverses the dangerous territory of secrets to expose their capacity for blackmail manipulation, and control in the midst of pursuing true love.

Central to this captivating tale stands the mysterious figure, Karolina, whose concealed truths are deliberately veiled and shielded by a curtain of silence. Akin to a serpent winding through Italy's paradisiacal vineyards, Karolina's covert schemes evolve into tactics of deceit, manipulation, and even intimidation. When Savana, an American in pursuit of love, unwittingly steps into the obscure vineyard and professes her affection for Karolina's attractive son, secrets veer into perilous territory, transforming into a hazardous conduit for Karolina's profound animosity.

"Secrets of Karolina" unfolds as a mesmerizing drama, posing questions about true love amidst the age-old family vineyards of Italy, the prospect of hope entwined in the historic wealth and familial bonds of Sicily, and the pursuit of identity when ensnared in the toxic grapes of hatred within Karolina's vineyard.

Author Kasalaini Sauvou, a native of the Fiji Islands possesses an impressive educational background, having earned diplomas from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School and Cornell University. Her prowess pushes the boundaries of storytelling, reflecting boldness and symbolism in her remarkable works of art. Sauvou's novels explore the complexities of everyday life events, with a deep emphasis on the hidden significance they hold.

Follow Savana as she grapples with the forbidden secrets of an ancient world, seeking to dispel the darkness and reap the fresh wine of freedom and truth in "Secrets of Karolina." Purchase a copy now on Amazon, available in Kindle and paperback formats, and dive into this riveting masterpiece!

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