Nanaimo’s ThreeBestRatedⓇ Residential Roofer Shared The Challenges Faced By The Firm In 2023

NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, May 8, 2024 / -- Any organization will have its ups and downs in the business. It is a part of the process and this is how it works. There will be great times and times for learning which will help an organization to enhance their performance and grow even bigger. The 2024 ThreeBestRatedⓇ Award Winning roofing company, is generous enough to share their challenges they faced in 2023 and the steps they taken to overcome it. This will be a great learning for any budding company in the roofing industry. in 2023

Here is what they say about their performance last year,

Kelly W Matthews, the owner of the firm said, “2023 was an unusual year, we went back to what we would consider a more relaxed booking schedule compared to the previous year that was just bonkers! that being booked about two months in advance compared to 6 to 8 months in advance, it definitely felt slower, but the end of year numbers were still incredibly strong and not far off the previous year. had the weather cooperated? we would have finished about the same anyway.”

Another important problem they faced last year was the material shortage, He said, “In all the years in the business, I can never recall having to deal with so many material shortages, so many lines of shingles that manufacturers just discontinued, waiting on materials to be produced and delivered, that was frustrating to say the least... but you just have to keep rolling”. To overcome the problem, the firm has worked on finding new quality manufacturers and managing the workflow. It worked pretty well.

Even though there are new hurdles, has never compromised on growth. They always worked on growing the value of their brand each year. Hence they have worked on adding talented people to the team to expand their service. While asked about this process, Kelly mentioned, “Training new guys, adding another team is always a part of always has its own challenges, making sure the new guys are partnered with old team members to ensure the ‘alpine way’ is taught and followed! Because we are always about quality, it's of the utmost importance that everyone knows how and why we do the things the way we do them”

Looking Forward

Challenges are not new for They have always surefed through them and stayed on the top, which has helped them to become Nanaimo’s # 1 Residential Roofer. While asked about their goals for the future, they mentioned, “ has been an industry leader since day one and we continue to strive to be industry leaders! It's one challenge to get to the top and a completely different challenge staying there. We look forward to another challenging year in which we hope to service even more customers with the same consistently high standards we have always brought to our community. Always looking for ways to improve the customer service experience or the process has always been the goal!”

About is a proud roofing company that has served the community for a long time. With a team of excellent professionals who are trained to tackle the hurdles in the roofing process, they are able to provide the best roof for any type of residence and commercial spaces. Alpine Roof is fully insured through ING and covered comprehensively by WCB to ensure a secure working environment for their employees. Their specialization lies in cedar shake conversions, and they are more than willing to furnish a free quotation and complimentary video assessment for their clients to visually see the result. They are just a call to assist the roofing needs of any degree.

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