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Oktopost Launches New Gamification Engine to Boost Engagement and Fun in Employee Advocacy Programs

LONDON, UK, May 7, 2024 / -- Oktopost, the leader in B2B social media management solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its Advocacy Gamification Engine. This enhancement transforms traditional employee advocacy programs into dynamic and engaging competitions, encouraging participation through customizable points systems, segmented leaderboards, and a user-friendly interface. Designed to enhance both engagement and fun, the Gamification Engine promises to revolutionize how brands motivate and recognize their advocates.

Addressing the persistent challenge of maintaining long-term engagement in employee advocacy, Oktopost’s new Gamification Engine actively encourages participation by making it more rewarding and competitive. This significantly increases a brand’s ability to maintain an expanded reach, increase engagement over time, and generate awareness across social media platforms. By incentivizing key advocacy actions with customizable points and dynamic leaderboards, the Gamification Engine is designed to keep employees motivated and engaged for the long haul.

Oktopost's Gamification Engine offers advocacy board administrators unparalleled flexibility. It allows for the customization of point systems for both advocacy actions and generated social media engagement, enabling tailored incentives that match the unique dynamics of each program. Furthermore, admins can segment advocates into various leaderboards based on organizational criteria such as role, location, or seniority. This segmentation, combined with dynamic displays of each advocate’s progress, ensures a motivating and equitable environment that fosters healthy competition and sustained engagement.

"Employee advocacy is crucial for brand marketing, yet its success hinges on consistent advocate engagement," explains Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost. "In response to feedback from our customers seeking more engaging and rewarding advocacy programs, we developed the Gamification Engine. This innovation cultivates a vibrant, competitive atmosphere that not only encourages ongoing participation but also elevates the entire advocacy experience. With features like customizable points, segmented leaderboards, and real-time rankings, we are empowering our clients to maximize the impact of their advocacy efforts."

"Implementing gamification has truly revitalized our advocacy program, transforming it from routine participation to an engaging competition that thrives on both recognition and rewards," says Niki Kostova, Head of Social Media at SUSE. "This new approach has not only sparked greater enthusiasm among our advocates but has also significantly increased overall participation. The result is a more enjoyable and impactful initiative that resonates across our entire organization."

Oktopost's Gamification Engine is poised to transform employee advocacy by making it more engaging and enjoyable. By addressing the essential challenges of sustaining interest, promoting fair competition, and streamlining the management of these programs, this feature offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the appeal of employee advocacy. For more information on Oktopost's Gamification Engine, read Oktopost's blog announcement.

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