ZMS Supplies HV Cables to Iraqi Electricity Authority for Dibes-EAST Kirkuk Project

Electricity transmission in Iraq

Electricity transmission in Iraq

North region staff of MOE in mosul

North region staff of MOE in mosul



ZMS HV overhead cables

ZMS HV overhead cables

ZMS cables in transport

ZMS cables in transport

ZMS Cables supplies HV cables to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity for use on the 132KV Transmission Line Project between Dibes and EAST Kirkuk.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, April 25, 2024 / -- ZMS Cable Company has successfully completed its collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MoE) on the 132KV Transmission line project, linking Dibes to EAST Kirkuk. ZMS provided essential overhead high-voltage cables and related accessories crucial for the project's execution.

The project, overseen by the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MoE), aimed to bolster Iraq's electricity transmission capabilities, facilitating the efficient distribution of power across key regions. By establishing a robust transmission line between Dibes and EAST Kirkuk, the project sought to address growing electricity demands and enhance grid reliability in the area.

Drawing on its expertise in the field, ZMS Cable supplied Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) to meet the project's specific requirements. In addition to the cables, ZMS furnished suites of related accessories critical for the installation and operation of the transmission line. From connectors to insulators, each component was meticulously selected and quality-tested.

Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MoE)

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MoE) stands as the authoritative body entrusted with the formulation and implementation of national policies pertaining to electricity supply and management within Iraq. Established in 2003, the MoE assumed responsibility for overseeing the nation's electricity sector, a role previously held by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

Tasked with a broad spectrum of responsibilities, the MoE exercises jurisdiction over all facets of electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and policy formulation. In a concerted effort to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, the ministry underwent a structural overhaul, consolidating operational functions into 18 geographic departments under its purview.

At the helm of Iraq's electrification endeavors, the MoE remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring uninterrupted access to electricity for all citizens while fostering sustainable development and economic growth. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, the ministry endeavors to modernize Iraq's aging infrastructure, bolstering its resilience to meet the evolving energy demands of the nation.

As a key stakeholder in Iraq's energy landscape, the MoE plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the nation's electricity sector. Its collaboration with industry leaders such as ZMS Cable Company exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing Iraq's energy goals, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships in driving progress and prosperity.

Cooperation between MoE and ZMS

Ms. Sun, the project manager at ZMS, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration. She said, "As the project manager overseeing ZMS's collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MoE) on the 132KV transmission line project, I am pleased to reflect on the successful completion of this endeavor."

"Our partnership with the MoE has not only allowed us to contribute to Iraq's energy infrastructure but has also provided invaluable insights into the country's evolving energy landscape. Through diligent coordination and unwavering dedication, we have delivered high-quality overhead high-voltage cables and related accessories essential for the project's success."

"The cooperation with the MoE has been instrumental in deepening our understanding of the Iraqi market and its unique project requirements. By adhering to rigorous quality control measures and prioritizing customer satisfaction, we have strengthened trust and laid a robust foundation for future collaborations with the MoE."

"Looking ahead, ZMS remains committed to supporting Iraq's energy development goals and contributing to the nation's progress. We are confident that our continued partnership with the MoE will yield further opportunities for innovation and collaboration, driving positive change and sustainable growth in Iraq's electricity sector."

Iraqi Electricity Development

Iraq embarked on the "Path of Development" project in June 2023, with aims to enhance transportation infrastructure and foster economic growth. This initiative coincided with the commencement of an energy layout program, facilitating the integration of electrical grids with Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

In early 2024, Iraq reached an agreement to allow for an initial supply of 40 MW on a 132 kilovolt (KV) line, importing electricity from Jordan, thereby strengthening the electricity supply. Simultaneously, efforts to complete the electrical interconnection with Kuwait by the end of 2024 are underway, aiming to reduce reliance on Iran for energy needs. The completion of the GCC-Iraq Electrical Interconnection project, expected in 2024, will further bolster Iraq's energy security.

Looking ahead to 2030, Iraq has set ambitious targets to generate 33% of its electricity from renewable sources, prompting the approval of a $680 million fund by the Iraqi Central Bank for renewable energy development. As per Iraqi policies, the grid interconnection project is projected to spur a surge in long-distance transmission and distribution projects, thereby increasing demand for overhead bare wires.

Recent geopolitical tensions have underscored the significance of energy security, driving global interest in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. In light of these developments, ZMS recognizes the growing demand for overhead lines and new energy cables in the Middle East market and has adjusted its strategic focus accordingly.

Challenges in Iraqi Electricity Development

Despite its enormous potential, the Iraqi electricity sector confronts a myriad of challenges, ranging from financial constraints to technical complexities, hindering its development trajectory. Decades of conflict, including war and internal strife, have inflicted severe damage on infrastructure, exacerbating the supply-demand gap. This prolonged turmoil has led to continuous technological setbacks and commercial losses, further widening the disparity between electricity generation and consumption.

To address these challenges, the industry is actively pursuing new natural gas capture and power generation projects. The successful implementation of these initiatives hinges on the seamless integration of these projects with major infrastructure upgrades. Upgrading the grid infrastructure is paramount to accommodate the anticipated surge in power generation capacity and ensure the efficient distribution of electricity across the country.

In response to these challenges, Baghdad has unveiled diversification projects aimed at bolstering Iraq's energy security and enhancing the reliability of its power grid. These initiatives are strategically designed to mitigate the nation's dependency on a single energy source while diversifying its energy portfolio. By embracing renewable energy sources and investing in modernization efforts, Iraq aims to not only strengthen its energy infrastructure but also align with global climate goals, fostering sustainable development and resilience in its electricity sector.

ZMS in the Middle East

ZMS has established a significant presence in the Middle East, serving as a reliable supplier of cable products for numerous projects spanning across various countries in the region. From Saudi Arabia to Iraq, UAE to Georgia, and Azerbaijan, ZMS has actively contributed to the development of critical infrastructure initiatives.

By providing essential cable products to support infrastructure projects in the Middle East, ZMS Cable Manufacturer has played a crucial role in enhancing connectivity, reliability, and efficiency across various sectors. As the region continues to witness rapid development and expansion, ZMS remains committed to supporting its growth by delivering innovative and sustainable cable solutions.

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