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How UK employers are encouraging workers back to the office with Smarter Surfaces

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Smarter Surfaces, a leader in the global surface collaboration solutions, has been helping leading employers to create innovative office surface solutions.

LONDON, UK, April 24, 2024 / -- How UK employers are encouraging workers back to the office with Smarter Surfaces

Smarter Surfaces, a leader in the global surface collaboration solutions, has been helping leading employers to create innovative surface collaboration solutions for over a decade. Now, the company is partnering with several UK leading companies working hard to encourage employees back to the office by creating a more engaging and communicative office environment that underpins teamwork, creativity, and collaboration but is affordable and easy to implement.

The global coronavirus pandemic significantly changed how businesses operate the UK and the city in particular. The concept of remote working has played a vital role in keeping businesses functional during COVID-19, but now after multiple successful global vaccination drives and with the pandemic behind us some businesses that were the front-runners in transforming their workforce into a remote and active setup, standing at this juncture, are struggling to encouraging employees to return to the office at least under the hybrid model for multiple days during the work week if not the full week.

However, at this point, going back to the office will take some getting used to for a majority of the workforce. To encourage employees to come to the office more frequently, many companies are taking extra measures. Organisations, now more than ever before, are focusing on creating a workspace that’s more enjoyable and supports active employee participation to spur up employee attendance. Smarter Surfaces’ innovative office solutions, including the array of advanced whiteboard wall paints, are taking centre stage in crafting these modern workspaces.

Smarter Surfaces has a global presence, covering all major markets in the world and is growing at a rapid pace. Their smart surface solutions are now available in Dubai and Singapore as well. They also offer exclusive partnership programs for architects, interior designers, contractors, and educators in all these countries.

Smarter Surfaces has worked with global business leaders like SAP, Google, and Amazon to transform their offices into creative spaces that foster a vibe of innovation and collaboration at its core. SAP chose Smart Whiteboard Paints to transform their ordinary office walls into expansive creative spaces. From the common office space and meeting rooms to the hallways and even the canteen walls — every wall spanning over two floors was transformed into writable surfaces where employees could brainstorm and come up with new ideas. This brought a complete transformation to SAP’s office environment encouraging a more joyous and productive workforce.

Not only the corporate giants, the brand has been working with several small to medium businesses and organisations across the UK. One popular option for small and medium enterprises is magnetic whiteboard walls. These 2-in-1 walls let you write on them and also stick notes and images with magnets. These multifunctional surfaces are ideal for meeting rooms and common spaces as they make discussions and presentations truly interactive.

According to Sonia Bueno, the Sales Manager of the firm, “Employees moving to a collaborative desk from the traditional personal working desk is a groundbreaking step towards eliminating corporate silos. It helps in sharing ideas, brings harmony to the office atmosphere, and makes the office environment more enjoyable to work in.”

Better communication within the teams is vital for growth and innovation in any industry. Breaking the corporate silos has always been a challenge, but Smarter Surfaces solutions bring a new dimension to communication encouraging every employee to share and enjoy a happy, collaborative environment where creativity breeds.

In the words of Ronan Clarke, the MD of Smarter Surfaces, “The ease and flexibility of whiteboard wall paints and wallpapers are contributing to the widespread popularity of these products. As companies start delving into different options to make their offices a more interactive place to work, these innovative surface solutions are naturally grabbing attention. Moreover, they provide an environment-friendly, and mostly upkeep-free long-term solution that comes well within any budget.”

Whiteboard wall paints can be used on any smooth surface just like any normal paint to turn it into a writable whiteboard with an array of optional functionalities. They save space, fit with any decor, and give a minimalistic look, ideal for offices. There’s no maintenance or storage hassle and the cost is minimal compared to the ROI. For a medium-sized meeting or conference room, the multifunctional collaborative whiteboard paint solutions cost under £1000 but it delivers a huge impact on how your employees use and perceive the office space.

About the company: The idea of Smarter Surfaces was conceived back in 2009 when one guy was asked to fit out an entire meeting room with whiteboards. The company was founded in 2011 and their first signature product Smart Wall Paint was launched in 2012. Since then the brand has covered a wide ground, establishing a partner network in 20 countries across the globe.

Since its inception, the company’s Research & Development wing has invested considerably in the design and launch of several high-end surface transformation solutions, covering both paints and wallpapers.

Smarter Surfaces has been showered with many prestigious awards over the years. EOPA Product of the Year, Active Office Award – Top Product, and SFA Exporter of the Year 2020, are to name a few. In the USA for example, the Smarter Surfaces whiteboard paint is considered the no 1 product in the whiteboard paint sector. Smarter Surfaces has a strong CSR policy and they are absolutely committed towards manufacturing environment-friendly products.

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