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Unveiling River Secrets in "Murray-Darling Mysteries" by Anne Jensen

Book Cover

The Author Anne Jensen

TOMAH, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / -- Delving into the heart of Australia's iconic Murray and Darling Rivers, author Anne Jensen unveils the secrets of nature's resilience in her book, "Murray-Darling Mysteries: Nature’s Unique Strategies for Survival in the Murray and Darling Rivers in Australia". Set against the backdrop of one of the world's oldest river systems, this captivating book offers readers a glimpse into the intricate web of life that thrives in these ancient waterways.

The Murray River in south-eastern Australia, one of the world’s oldest and slowest rivers, meanders more than 2000 km across a dry ancient landscape from the mountains to the sea, following a course evolved over millions of years. The Darling River winds over an even longer distance from the mountains on the east coast of Queensland to join the Murray River at Wentworth in the semi-arid western lowland plains. These river systems are full of mysteries, in the way that their unique flora and fauna have developed clever strategies to survive in widely varying conditions which swing between droughts and floods. Unravelling the mysteries and understanding the natural cycles and systems of the Murray and Darling Rivers will help to manage the river systems wisely for the future. Through a series of easy-to-read stories, this book seeks to explain the mysteries of how natural Murray-Darling River ecosystems work and how they have changed and adapted since European settlement.

In this book, Anne Jensen shares stories she learnt from many science colleagues about Murray-Darling rivers and wetland ecosystems, illustrated with a selection of quality photographs from her extensive collection. Her aim is to generate understanding of the need for sufficient water to be returned to river ecosystems so the rivers can continue to support the human communities of the Basin, as well as the plants and animals.

About the Author

Dr. Anne Jensen's illustrious career has been dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Australia's iconic Murray River and the wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin. With a multifaceted background encompassing environmental impact assessments, policy development, and on-ground restoration projects, Dr. Jensen has played a pivotal role in safeguarding these vital ecosystems. Her extensive research has focused on the regeneration and recruitment processes of key floodplain plants such as river red gums, black box trees, and lignum, enabling the effective application of environmental water to support river floodplains. Dr. Jensen's deep-rooted connection to the Murray River is a testament to her family's rich history, with ancestors migrating to Goolwa on the Lower Murray in South Australia in 1840 to partake in the burgeoning river trade.

Dr. Jensen's passion for the Murray-Darling Basin extends beyond her professional endeavors. As a Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Ambassador and a 2017 River Fellow, she is committed to advocating for a robust and equitable Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Her vision is to ensure the sustainability of Basin environments for future generations, fostering healthy river ecosystems that support all communities within the Basin. Throughout her journeys across the Murray-Darling Basin, Dr. Jensen has accumulated a vast collection of photographs documenting its unique wetlands and landscapes. Alongside her professional achievements, she has immersed herself in the stories of the river's ecosystems, its flora, fauna, and the intricate balance of life on the floodplains. Dr. Anne Jensen's unwavering dedication to the preservation and restoration of the Murray-Darling Basin stands as a testament to her commitment to promoting a healthy, thriving future for this iconic Australian landscape.

The inspiration behind writing this book is deeply rooted in the ambition of Dr. Anne Jensen's esteemed colleague and PhD supervisor, the late Associate Professor Keith Walker of the University of Adelaide. Driven by a fervent passion for the ecological rhythms and connections of the Murray-Darling Rivers, Associate Professor Walker harbored a desire to impart his profound knowledge and love for these river ecosystems to a broader audience, to describe the Murray River as it was naturally. Ultimately, "Murray-Darling Mysteries" stands as a testament to the shared passion and dedication of Dr. Jensen and Associate Professor Walker, inspiring readers to cherish and protect the natural wonders of the Murray-Darling Rivers for generations to come.

Message from the Author

“The rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin supply the lifeblood of all Basin communities, the people and the native plants and animals, and keeping them as healthy as possible benefits everyone. We need to understand their natural history and the mysteries of how river species have adapted to the highly variable water regime of the natural Murray-Darling Basin environment. It is also essential to understand the impacts on those ecosystems of changes to river flows and patterns in water regimes since European settlement.

We are at a critical point in history. We have been taking too much water out of the rivers and we need to put enough back to halt the ongoing decline in Basin health. Hopefully the stories in this book will help to generate understanding and support for the recovery of the minimum amount of water needed keep the rivers flowing. We need to nurture and protect this unique heritage and its water resources for current and future generations.”

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Recently, Anne Jensen participated in a Prime Seven Media Spotlight interview with Logan Crawford and answered questions about her book “Murray-Darling Mysteries”. Engaging in the interview not only showcased her knowledge but also offered audiences a more profound understanding of the book and the concepts shaping her compelling narrative. (Logan Crawford TV Interview Link: )

"Murray-Darling Mysteries" is available for purchase, inviting readers to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the natural wonders of Australia's iconic river systems. (Amazon Link:

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Unveiling River Secrets with Anne Jensen