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Canada Announces World’s First Professional Climate Action Network on Earth Day

Logo for Get2Net0, the world's first professional climate action network

Get2Net0, the world's first professional climate action network

In response to the urgent need for climate action, a group of Canadian climate experts launch Get2Net0, the world’s first professional climate action network

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 25, 2024 / -- In response to the urgent need for climate action, a group of Canadian entrepreneurs has launched Get2Net0, the world’s first professional climate action network. It is an initiative set to transform how corporations tackle climate change before the consequences of destructive human action become irreversible.

The world is at a crossroads, where humans alone can change the course of the future. Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the situation, Get2Net0 realized that this is not a problem that can be solved as individuals but through collective community action. By harnessing expertise and resources from across the globe, Get2Net0 is creating a network where professionals from diverse backgrounds- from corporate executives to academic experts provide and find solutions driven by research, creativity and innovation.

Get2Net0 is a marketplace where solutions seekers meet solution providers. Public and private organizations can find solutions that are commercially-driven projects or community-led initiatives. On the other hand, solution providers can reach carbon emitters and introduce them to their proven technologies and processes or simply, network with other solution providers to make their solutions better and accessible. With features such as “Communities” participants can initiate discussions on diverse climate topics or leverage the “Collaboration Room” tool to work on specific challenges or innovate at scale by inviting individuals with specific talents. Get2Net0’s Climate Vault is an inviting archive for experienced or amateur climate action enthusiasts to learn more and be active participants in the network. With many tools and resources, the launch is set to revolutionize how climate change is addressed globally by providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The network aims to empower individuals and organizations to turn ideas into tangible solutions, accelerating the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Get2Net0 was conceptualized by a collection of incredibly diverse individuals from various academic and professional backgrounds from different parts of the world. CEO, Nav Bubber, whose proficiency spans Engineering, Financial Services, Business Strategy, Innovation and Transformation, is a strong believer that harmful GHG emissions responsible for 80% of global warming can be repurposed or eliminated by using a combination of existing technology and traditional indigenous practices. The team is strengthened by the strategic insights of Le Luong, Chief Strategy Officer, whose prowess includes entrepreneurship, Education and Business Strategy. Dave Bumra, the Chief Financial Officer, contributes expertise from years of experience in Commercial Banking, Accounting, Taxation and Risk Management. Kavinda Welagedara, Marketing Consultant of Get2Net0 adds value through his expertise in Marketing Strategy and Advertising enhanced by his knowledge of Behavioural Economics. Supported by an Advisory Panel comprising industry leaders such as Chris Feltin, JP Gladu, Douglas Reid and Partha Mohanram, Get2Net0 benefits from diverse perspectives brought through expertise across Energy Strategy, Renewables, Corporate Leadership, Indigenous Development, Business Strategy, Academia, and Financial Analysis, that is collectively working towards effective and practical solutions for a sustainable future.

At the heart of Get2Net0's mission lies a profound understanding of the urgency of the climate crisis and deep respect for the power of collaboration. With a mission to lead the charge in North America's climate action efforts, this innovative approach sets a new standard for corporate responsibility and environmental leadership that will gradually reach all corners of the world.

Get2Net0 is a business solution that offers a glimmer of hope – a testament to the power of collective action in a time of dire need - where every decision determines the future of the planet. Visit to learn more about the world’s first professional climate action network and be a part of the revolution.

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