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InfinityQ Celebrates World Quantum Day by Showcasing Expertise at Conferences across the World

MONTREAL, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InfinityQ, a trailblazer in quantum-inspired computing solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in three significant conferences in line with World Quantum Day, underscoring its commitment to advancing quantum science and innovation on a global scale.

1.   eMerge Americas Conference & Expo - Miami, USA, April 18-19 2024

Aurélie Hélouis, Founder and CEO of InfinityQ, will be a featured speaker at eMerge Americas, a landmark event celebrating a decade of technological progress and innovation. With a background as a French Navy officer and CTO, complemented by an MBA from McGill University and experience at the AI research center, Mila, Hélouis embodies the fusion of tech expertise and business acumen, breaking barriers for women entrepreneurs in the quantum-inspired sector.

She will join a distinguished panel discussing the theme Weighing the Benefits and Risk of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The session aims to explore the transformative potential of quantum computing and AI, highlighting their capabilities to solve complex problems at unprecedented speeds. Hélouis and fellow experts will delve into ethical considerations, security risks, and societal impacts, offering insights into navigating challenges and ensuring positive contributions to society. 

“This is a dynamic period for InfinityQ, and we are excited to demonstrate our leadership in the quantum-inspired space and engage with industry experts,” says Hélouis. “Our participation at conferences like theses underscore our commitment to advancing quantum science and innovation globally.” 

2.   International Workshop on Ising Machines (IISM) - Messina, Italy, April 16-18 2024

Dr. Saavan Patel, CTO of InfinityQ, presented yesterday at the International Workshop on Ising Machines in Messina, Italy around the topic of Parallel Probabilistic Architectures for Accelerated Ising Machines. With a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Patel brings a wealth of expertise in Ising machines, unveiling advanced techniques aimed to optimize these machines for combinatorial optimization tasks. This event provides a dedicated platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, sparking innovation in fields ranging from fundamental physics to computer science and beyond.

3.   Celebrating World Quantum Day 2024 and Promoting it Nationally - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 16-18, 2024

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Saudi Arabia (C4IR KSA), Saudi Aramco, and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) are currently hosting their Celebrating World Quantum Day 2024 and Promoting it Nationally event, which aims to promote public awareness and education on quantum technologies for enhancing prosperity and security. InfinityQ, represented by Mohammad Bagherbeik, Head of Research and PhD graduate from the University of Toronto, and Ali M'hammedi Alaoui, Quantum-Inspired Algorithms Expert, is honoured to be a part of this event as an exhibitor.

These engagements reflect InfinityQ's dedication to driving quantum advancements and fostering collaboration within the global quantum community. By participating in these events, InfinityQ aims to promote awareness, inspire innovation, and pave the way for a quantum-driven future.

About InfinityQ:

InfinityQ Technology Inc. is a Canadian, woman-founded company at the forefront of quantum-inspired technologies. InfinityQ provides simple solutions to seemingly impossible computational and optimization problems across sectors such as Last Mile Delivery, Transport & Logistics, Life Sciences, and Energy. InfinityQ’s technology outperforms classical computers in speed and surpasses existing pure-quantum technologies in accuracy, efficiency, sustainability, and cost. By unlocking the full potential of quantum-inspired computing in real-time, InfinityQ is actively shaping the future of technology and innovation. For more information, visit

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