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RitzWerks Revolutionizes Outdoor Cooking with Innovative Solar-Powered Offset Grill Attachment

Green Moose Prototype One Render

Green Moose Prototype One Render

RitzWerks, is proud to announce the development of Green Moose Solar Powered Grill a revolution for those that want the ease of a pellet grill with their offset

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES , April 17, 2024 / -- RitzWerks, a leading innovator in outdoor solar product design, is excited to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough in eco-friendly technology—the Solar-Powered Offset Grill Attachment. This pioneering product is set to redefine the outdoor cooking landscape, combining efficiency, sustainability, and state-of-the-art technology to provide an unparalleled grilling experience.

Developed with precision engineering and a deep commitment to sustainability, the Solar-Powered Offset Grill Attachment from RitzWerks taps into the power of the sun to eliminate the reliance on traditional fuel sources. This forward-thinking approach not only enhances the convenience of grilling but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint of outdoor cooking.

Highlights of the Solar-Powered Offset Grill Attachment:

Enhanced Fire Startup: Equipped with advanced technology, the grill attachment ensures a rapid and reliable fire startup. A simple push of a button activates the grill, bypassing the usual hassle and time consumption associated with traditional methods.

Precise Temperature Control: RitzWerks has meticulously designed the attachment to allow for exact temperature adjustments. This feature ensures that whether searing steaks or slow-roasting ribs, perfect results are achievable with ease and consistency.

Solar-Powered Efficiency: With its integrated solar panels, the grill attachment operates with remarkable efficiency. This system functions silently and effectively, free from the constraints of batteries or external power sources, emphasizing RitzWerks' commitment to green technology.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide array of grill models, the attachment promises to be a versatile addition to any grilling setup. It caters to both seasoned barbecue enthusiasts and those who enjoy occasional outdoor cooking, enhancing the overall grilling experience.

The RitzWerks Solar-Powered Offset Grill Attachment is not just a tool for outdoor cooking but a significant step towards more sustainable living practices. It reflects RitzWerks’ dedication to innovation and its promise to deliver products that are both functional and environmentally responsible.


The RitzWerks Green Moose Solar Grill, featuring the new solar-powered offset grill attachment, will soon be available for purchase at Interested customers can find more details about this and other RitzWerks products on the website or by contacting customer service at 469-305-3893.

About RitzWerks:

RitzWerks is committed to redefining the outdoor product industry by developing solutions that merge high-performance technology with environmentally sustainable practices. As a leader in innovation, RitzWerks continues to deliver products that not only meet the needs of modern consumers but also contribute to a healthier planet.

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