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EARTH with John Holden takes viewers around the globe to showcase an inspiring array of companies with eco-friendly initiatives, or those that are enhancing the lives of Earth’s inhabitants through health, business, and various other advanced technologies

EARTH with John Holden

The docu-series EARTH with John Holden airs Sunday, April 21st at 4:00 pm ET on Fox Business and Sunday, April 28th at 3:30 pm ET and Sunday, on Bloomberg TV

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, April 18, 2024 / -- The docu-series EARTH with John Holden airs Sunday, April 21st at 4:00 pm ET on Fox Business Network; Sunday, April 28th at 3:30 pm ET and Sunday, on Bloomberg TV; and Sunday, May 5th at 10:00 am ET on BNN Bloomberg Canada. EARTH with John Holden is also available on the streaming platforms Vimeo, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, and YouTube.

In this episode, viewers find out how Sitka Seafood Market delivers the freshest, most eco-friendly fish, why Avangrid built the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, how AMG Vanadium recycles refinery waste to make better steel, how Adobe helps billions of people work greener by going digital, and what mining company Drummond is doing to keep its workers safe, and communities thriving.

First, John visits Kodiak, Alaska to find out how Sitka Seafood Market brings wild-caught, responsibly harvested fish to customers. He discusses with industry veterans and fishermen, the importance of healthy fish handling and traceability, from water to boat to table. Sitka’s efforts sustain an important food source, and support a traditional, hardworking fishing community.

John travels to California and Connecticut to explore how leading energy company Avangrid delivers renewable electricity to millions of customers. He explores how and why they built the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard, as part of their contribution to decarbonizing our country’s electrical grid, and becoming a net-zero emissions energy company.

In Zanesville Ohio, John learns how AMG-V extracts valuable vanadium and other metals from tons of oil refinery waste, to help steel manufacturers produce stronger, lighter building materials. Their innovations, and partnering with like-minded companies such as Shell Oil, have built their company into the world’s largest refinery waste recycler.

Next, John tours Adobe’s towering headquarters in San Jose, California, where the company designs software that helps billions of people work greener--using fewer resources and energy by going digital. Adobe’s new HQ is Silicon Valley’s first 100% renewable energy-powered office building, one example of how Adobe creates sustainable, healthy employee workspaces across its operations.

Finally, John visits a rural town in Colombia, South America to find out how coal-mining company Drummond builds community trust, and provides jobs and education, while working to make its mining operations more sustainable. Their practices include CO2 capture, using low-carbon energy sources, reducing methane emissions, conserving water, and responsible land reclamation.

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EARTH with John Holden - Episode 27