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QAD Optimizes and Harmonizes Operations with Key Product Enhancements

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 09, 2024 /BUSINESS WIRE/ --

QAD Inc., a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud, has released the latest enhancements to its comprehensive suite of Adaptive Applications.

“Manufacturers face challenges in today's dynamic environment, including workforce shortages, process inefficiencies and the need for agility,” said Carter Lloyds, chief product and marketing officer at QAD. “With the 2024 Spring Product Launch, QAD introduces significant enhancements to assist manufacturers in overcoming these challenges.”

Empowering People

QAD introduces Packaged Shop Floor Solutions, which integrates QAD ERP, QAD Production Execution and QAD Redzone Connected Workforce. This combines the strength of extending ERP to the shop floor (QAD Production Execution), with the power of unlocking frontline worker potential through coaching (QAD Redzone Connected Workforce), providing a unique and optimized shop floor experience that drives productivity, quality, customer service, traceability, employee engagement and retention.

Advanced Process Intelligence

QAD Process Intelligence, seamlessly integrated with QAD ERP, leverages AI to analyze existing processes and identify areas for enhancement. Delivered with four pre-built modeling standards, this solution facilitates swift process analysis, enabling businesses to eliminate bottlenecks, ensure compliance, and continuously improve processes for long-term success.

Leveraging insights from six months of customer implementations, we've enhanced the QAD Process Intelligence solution, refining the existing models for Accounts Payable, Shipment, and Maintenance, but also introducing a Production process intelligence model - promising deeper insights for manufacturers and offering more impactful results.

The pre-built packages are already embraced by QAD customers who now have the option to implement QAD Process Intelligence, either in a specific area of their operations or on a broader scale, by implementing the full suite of process intelligence models.

Moving forward, our integration of AI/ML with process mining and process insights will further elevate manufacturing insights, ensuring our customers maintain a competitive edge.

A Glimpse Ahead

The 2024 Spring Product Launch offers a preview of the upcoming QAD Integration Platform, aimed at streamlining data exchange and connectivity across operations. This platform represents a significant advancement in integration strategy, providing a unified approach for managing integrations within and beyond the QAD ecosystem.

Pragmatic AI in Action

Advancements in AI extend to QAD Global Trade and Transportation Execution (GTTE), with the introduction of the QAD GTTE Product Classification solution. This AI-powered solution enhances product classification accuracy, reduces errors, ensures compliance, and improves efficiency for sales, pre-sales and service teams.

Customer-Driven EQMS Additions

This release brings significant improvements to the QAD EQMS user experience and capabilities, including streamlined navigation, improved incident investigation processes, and enhanced flexibility with non-conformance reports (NCRs) and Corrective Action Preventive Actions (CAPAs). These updates underscore QAD's commitment to empowering organizations with efficient and compliant quality management solutions.

Additional Enhancements

The 2024 Spring Product Launch also introduces a refreshed QAD Digital Commerce platform, enhancing the customer experience with a modern interface. Additionally, for defense manufacturers, the launch presents the QAD Defense Cloud offering, tailored to meet the unique needs of defense contractors.

Aligned with QAD's ‘People, Processes and Systems’ strategy, the latest enhancements empower businesses to optimize and harmonize their operations in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

For details of the specific enhancements and how they help enterprises become more adaptive and grow their business, please visit the QAD Blog.

About QAD – Enabling Adaptive Enterprises

QAD Inc. is a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud. To succeed in a turbulent world, facing disruptions in supply and fluctuations in demand, manufacturers and supply chains must rapidly respond to change and seamlessly optimize agility, efficiency, and resilience for effective customer service. QAD delivers Adaptive Applications to enable these Adaptive Enterprises.

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