Figure Eight Federal continues strong growth into 2024 with a new CEO at the helm

Vinay Malkani

Vinay Malkani named CEO of Appen subsidiary, Figure Eight Federal

He is a natural leader and the outstanding choice as we seek to build trust with the public sector and lead the AI transition within the U.S. government”
— Appen CEO Ryan Kolin
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2024 / -- Vinay Malkani has been named President & CEO of Figure Eight Federal, a subsidiary of Appen. Moving forward, he will lead the company as it pivots to a more product and partner driven approach.

“Vinay has enjoyed incredible success with Figure Eight over the last six years as our Chief of Engineering. He is a natural leader and the outstanding choice as we seek to build trust with the public sector and lead the AI transition within the U.S. government,” said Appen CEO, Ryan Kolln.

“I’m excited to lead Figure Eight Federal as we expand in the federal market to serve our warfighters by accelerating our Nation’s strategic data & AI advantage,” said Malkani. “With our technology and solutions, we unlock a government guided approach to AI training data enabling enhanced discovery of vulnerabilities, bias, and ultimately ensuring the development of ethical and effective AI across the defense and intelligence sector. Our north star will be ensuring that AI technologies remain ‘of the people, for the people, by the people.”

Mr. Malkani is a computer technologist with 20+ years of industry experience. In addition to working as a technology leader at various large companies, he has founded, advised, and managed startups in a variety of stages, from initial conception all the way through to acquisition and IPO. He assumes the role of CEO from that of Figure Eight Federal’s Chief of Engineering, where he has overseen the development of multi-sensor data and AI scaffolding solutions for the defense and intelligence sector.

Before joining Figure Eight Federal, Malkani served as Mayfield Robotics’ head of cloud engineering, where he oversaw the architecture, design, security, implementation, and operation of Mayfield’s cloud strategy. Mayfield worked on pushing the forefront of technology in the field of home robotics and won several CES awards.

Figure Eight Federal is a wholly owned FOCI mitigated subsidiary of Appen focused on the defense and intelligence sector. Appen is the world’s leader of AI training data in the commercial sector operating a data labeling taskforce of over 1 million data specialists in over 170 countries with expertise in over 235 languages. Appen’s technology has been pivotal in driving some of the most revolutionary AI advancements over the past decade supporting a number of the leading Fortune 100 companies.

As AI is increasingly embedded within government processes and capabilities, Figure Eight Federal will build its business on a solid foundation of public sector work characterized by engineering excellence, human-centered AI architecture, and a culture of transparency and explainability. “Warfighters and analysts must be empowered to serve people, support allies, and outperform our advisories,” added Malkani. “High-quality, trusted AI is critical to make sense of vast amounts of multi-sensor data at the speed of war. Trusted AI starts with trusted training data that is mission ready which is our key focus. We’re proud to be a partner in this incredible AI revolution.”

About Figure Eight Federal
Figure Eight Federal is Appen’s (ASX:APX) FOCI-mitigated arm for US defense and intelligence applications. Appen is a leading provider of data enrichment platforms for AI. Known for its precise, use case-specific data sourcing, enrichment, and human-in-the-loop model evaluation, Figure Eight Federal empowers analysts to integrate AI within existing workflows. Appen operates a global data labeling task force of over 1 million in over 170 countries, with expertise in over 235 languages and has been instrumental in providing training data for some of the largest AI initiatives in the world within the tech sector. Visit us at

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