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NoviSign Digital Signage Powers Innovative Digital Signage Solutions for University of Florida's New $70M AI Facility

University of Florida digital signage powered by NoviSign

University of Florida digital signage powered by NoviSign

NoviSign is thrilled to announce its feature in the University of Florida's newly inaugurated Artificial Intelligence (AI) facility, a state-of-the-art $70M.

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, U.S.A., April 5, 2024 / -- NoviSign Digital Signage is thrilled to announce its feature in the University of Florida's newly inaugurated Artificial Intelligence (AI) facility, a state-of-the-art $70 million investment dedicated to advancing AI research and innovation. A key highlight of this cutting-edge facility is its digital signage infrastructure, powered by NoviSign's innovative digital signage solutions.

The facility boasts unique features such as curved video walls, per-floor information screens, and event schedule displays, all enhanced by NoviSign's technology. The curved video walls, serving as both an informational hub and an architectural focal point, are powered by NoviSign's digital signage software. This software delivers high-resolution, dynamic content that seamlessly integrates with the curvature of the walls, creating an immersive experience for visitors and researchers.

Each floor of the AI facility is dedicated to different research areas and functions, and NoviSign's digital signage solution provides per-floor information screens with tailored content. These screens offer floor-specific directories, research project summaries, and safety information, ensuring easy navigation and informed occupants and visitors.

NoviSign's platform facilitates this through dynamic event schedule displays strategically placed throughout the building. These displays provide real-time updates on event timings, locations, and topics, enhancing coordination and attendee experience.

About NoviSign

NoviSign Digital Signage Software is a comprehensive and versatile platform designed to easily create, manage, and deploy digital signage content. It provides users a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools to create engaging and dynamic content for various digital displays. With NoviSign, users can design captivating layouts, incorporate multimedia elements and widgets such as images, videos, and RSS feeds, and even integrate social media feeds and live weather updates.

One of NoviSign's key features is its cloud-based architecture, which allows users to access and manage their digital signage content from anywhere. This flexibility makes it ideal for businesses and organizations of all sizes across various industries, including retail, education, healthcare, and corporate communications.

NoviSign's software supports various screen types and sizes, from standard LCDs to large video walls and interactive kiosks. It also offers robust scheduling capabilities, enabling users to plan and automate content display based on time, date, or specific events.

Additionally, NoviSign provides real-time analytics and reporting tools, allowing users to measure the effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns and make data-driven decisions. With its ease of use, scalability, and comprehensive features, NoviSign Digital Signage Software is a powerful solution for enhancing communication and engagement through digital signage.

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