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Unanimous AI Awarded Core Patent in Pursuit of Collective Superintelligence

Biological Swarm and Conversational Swarm Intelligence

Biological Swarm and Conversational Swarm Intelligence

Combining the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence with the power of LLMs, this new AI technology greatly amplifies the intelligence of large human groups

While most AI researchers focus on replacing human abilities, we’ve spent the last decade working to harness and amplify human intellect in pursuit of Collective Superintelligence.”
— Dr. Louis Rosenberg
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, April 4, 2024 / -- Unanimous AI today announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent 11,949, 638 entitled “Method and Systems for Hyperchat Conversations Among Large Networked Populations with Collective Intelligence Amplification.” This is the 30th patent granted to Unanimous AI for technologies that amplify the intelligence of networked human groups.

The newly issued U.S. patent relates to a core technology called Conversational Swarm Intelligence (CSI). It enables human groups of potentially any size to hold real-time conversations that efficiently combine the participants' collective knowledge, wisdom, expertise and insights, and significantly amplify the groups collective intelligence. In a recently published study ( ) CSI technology was shown to amplify IQ. Using groups of individuals that averaged IQ = 100 (50th percentile), the study showed that CSI technology enabled groups to score IQ = 128 (97th percentile) on standardized tests.

CSI technology was inspired by the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence, which is the reason why birds flock, fish school, and bees swarm – they can make significantly smarter decisions together than the individuals could make on their own and they do it in a fully decentralized manner. By merging the power of Large Language Models with the core principles of Swarm Intelligence, Unanimous AI has enabled hundreds of networked individuals to hold real-time conversations that quickly converge on unique and effective ideas, insights, prioritizations, and solutions to complex problems.

Conversational Swarm Intelligence is designed to be scalable, potentially enabling thousands, or even millions of individuals to hold real-time deliberations and find solutions that exceed the intellectual capacity of the individual members. This pursuit is called Collective Superintelligence and has been the goal of Unanimous AI for nearly a decade. Back in 2016 the company received widespread recognition when their first-generation Swarm AI® technology predicted the Kentucky Derby Superfecta against 540 to 1 odds in response to a challenge from CBS Interactive (

"Our Swarm AI technology has amazed the world over the last ten years, showing the power of amplifying the intelligence of human groups in real-time,” said David Baltaxe, President of Unanimous AI. “With the development of Conversational Swarm Intelligence, the potential applications for Enterprise Collaboration, Market Research, and Civic Engagement are beyond all expectations.”

Unanimous AI has recently deployed CSI technology in a new software platform called Thinkscape™ that is currently being used by large corporations and market researchers in closed Beta, but will be open to other organizations starting May 1 (video: ). For those that would like a demo of Thinkscape or want to get on the waiting list for this powerful new form of conversational intelligence, please sign up here:

CSI Technology Solves a Seemingly Impossible Problem:

Conversational deliberation is critical for groups to make strategic plans, generate accurate assessments, and reach optimal decisions together in real-time. Unfortunately, conversations are only effective in small groups and degrade significantly as size grows. In fact, deliberative conversations become impossible in groups of more than 10 to 12 because the interactive dynamics devolve into a series of monologs. This has made it nearly impossible to combine the Collective Intelligence benefits of large groups with the reasoning benefits of focused deliberation.

Unanimous AI has solved this problem by modeling the information flow in large biological groups like fish schools and bee swarms. They achieved this by dividing large human groups into a series of overlapping subgroups, each subgroup sized for thoughtful deliberation. Then, each subgroup is augmented with an artificial agent that participates in the local dialog, conversationally sharing real-time insights from other groups, enabling deliberative content to quickly propagate across the full population. This allows for thoughtful discussion among groups of any size – 50 people, 500 people, even 5,000 people – all while Swarm AI technology amplifies their collective intelligence.

"While most AI researchers focus on replacing human abilities, we’ve spent the last decade working to harness and amplify the insights of human groups in pursuit of Collective Superintelligence – a pathway that leverages AI but inherently maintains human values, wisdom, sensibilities, and interests,” says Dr Louis Rosenberg, CEO and Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI, and inventor on the newly issued patent. "And we've only scratched the surface of how smart large human groups can become.”

For more details on the concept of Collective Superintelligence, the technology of Conversational Swarm Intelligence (CSI) or the new Thinkscape software platform, please visit

About Unanimous AI:

Unanimous AI builds Collective Superintelligence technologies that make human groups significantly smarter. The company is the creator of Swarm AI® technology and the Swarm® software platform for quickly amplifying the insights and decisions of networked human groups. The company’s new Thinkscape™ platform is the world’s first conversational collective intelligence system. For more information on Unanimous AI’s swarm-based technology and the biological inspiration for Collective Superintelligence, view this TED Talk (

About Dr. Louis Rosenberg:

Dr. Louis Rosenberg founded Unanimous AI in 2014 to make human teams smarter through the pursuit of Collective Superintelligence. Rosenberg is also known for pioneering mixed reality at Air Force Research Laboratory thirty years ago, for founding the early virtual reality company Immersion Corporation (1993) and the early augmented reality company Outland Research (2004). He earned his PhD from Stanford University, was a professor at California State University, and has been awarded over 300 patents for his work in artificial intelligence and immersive technologies.

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