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Stardog Announces Voicebox General Release; Debuts Karaoke for Hallucination-Free GenAI On-Premises

New LLM Platform Will Enable Highly-Regulated Enterprises to Develop GenAI Off-Cloud and 100% Hallucination Free

ARLINGTON, Va., April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stardog, the enterprise data and AI company dedicated to providing workers with direct, easy, safe, and responsible access to critical business data, today announced the general release of Voicebox, its LLM Platform. Additionally, Stardog debuted Karaoke, a software-integrated appliance that enables highly-regulated businesses with data assets not cloud-resident to enjoy the benefits of Stardog Voicebox on-premises.

Businesses have long been slowed down by a chronic inability to get accurate data into their workers’ hands in a timely and efficient manner. GenAI promises to address these issues, but responsible use of the new tech requires safety, including hallucination-free data access. Voicebox, a GenAI-powered conversational data platform, solves those issues. Voicebox enables employees, customers, or corporate vendors to ask questions using ordinary language and get immediate answers based on trusted, timely, and accurate enterprise data, without any hallucinations at all. No special technical or programming skills are required.

“Successful generative AI platforms require strong foundational data layers and responsible usage of the underlying GenAI. In high stakes use cases in regulated industries, responsible AI usage means hallucination-free answers to critical business questions or it’s just hype,” said Stardog founder and CEO Kendall Clark. “Hallucination-free access to data insights via Voicebox is something that our customers have asked for and it will play a critical role in their competitiveness and profitability when adopting GenAI internally.”

Stardog Karaoke incorporates Stardog’s software platform, including the new Voicebox capabilities, and brings it to customer’s on-premise environments by way of a software-hardware integrated appliance designed to be deployed into on-premise data centers used by enterprise customers.

A multitude of industries, including financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and manufacturing have been largely unable to participate in the GenAI boom that has occurred since the beginning of 2023 due to regulatory burdens that prevent them from fully operating in the cloud. In the largest global financial service orgs, for example, as little as 2% of data is cloud-resident, making it very difficult to develop GenAI solutions that have full-spectrum data accessibility. On top of regulatory issues, developing GenAI in the cloud requires very specialized skill sets and is cost-prohibitive at a time when C-Suites are scaling back cloud spend and budget growth is shrinking.

“Voicebox Karaoke will provide businesses that strategically require GenAI investment with an on-prem option they haven’t had before,” added Clark. “Putting AI close to the data, in their own data centers, is a savvy move for businesses, and it will let them comply with strict regulations and control cloud costs at a time when every dollar is considered critical, while also remaining competitive with the market in terms of innovation.”

Stardog Voicebox and Stardog Karaoke are available now. For more information, visit

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Stardog is an enterprise data and AI company dedicated to providing multinational organizations and government agencies better access to their mission-critical data. Organizations like Boehringer Ingelheim, Raytheon, Schneider Electric, NASA, and the US Department of Defense rely on Stardog to provide them ready access to key data to running and growing their enterprises and accomplishing their missions. For more information, please visit

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