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Shopkhoj provides a guide to Ayurvedic Beauty & Wellness

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Biotique Ayurveda

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Kama Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Beauty & Wellness

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, April 4, 2024 / -- The ancient form of Ayurveda treatments is increasingly being recognized as focusing on the concerns of consumers looking for products that address prevention and root causes rather than symptoms. Additionally, an increasing effort and search for clean beauty is driving the global beauty care market. Today’s youth are conscientious & take responsibility in what they consume for beauty & health. A February 2024 article on the South China Morning Post carried a headline ‘Move over K-beauty, Ayurvedic skincare is latest trend…’. A-Beauty is replacing K-beauty. India is at the forefront of Ayurvedic treatments as well as beauty and personal care products. Ayurveda is a Hindu system of medicine that has its roots in the Vedic texts found 5000 Years ago. Making sense of the terminology and trying to shop for these products can be taxing. Shopkhoj provides a handy guide to Ayurvedic product offerings in India.

The Global Beauty and Personal Care market is projected to reach $904B by 2030 from a market size of $520B in 2022, with a compounded growth rate of 7.15% through the years (January 2024 LinkedIn). This is doubling of the market size in less than a decade. Some of the key trends in consumers’ behavior and products they seek out include:

- Personalization – Users are increasingly seeking out more personalized offerings. A McKinsey report found that 71% of consumers expect personalized experiences directly contributing to repeat purchases.
- Focus on sustainability – Consumers seek out and stick to brands that focus on sustainability in their product cycle.
- Natural and organic ingredients – The beauty industry has seen a shift similar to the trend in more natural and organic foods. Users are more willing to pay a little extra to use products that are natural, and that do not contain harsh chemicals or preservatives. Ayurveda uses botanical extracts that are natural & sustainable .

The ancient system of Ayurvedic treatments is finding a widening acceptance around the world in addressing the above concerns. This system builds on the wisdom of herbs, oils, and extracts to nourish and rejuvenate while addressing diverse skin & health concerns. During the pandemic people turned inward to focus on health and wellness. While many Indians turned to this ancient system, recognizing its benefits while also reconnecting with one’s heritage and culture, Ayurvedic beauty and skin care saw a rise in the global market - projected to reach $16+M by 2028 from $7+M in 2021 (LinkedIn). As a Times of India June 2023 article put it, Ayurvedic skincare is seen as “transformative force, blending nature’s healing touch into the fabric of global market”.

Ingredients found and used in India like saffron, neem, turmeric and ashwagandha are used in modern formulations to deliver clean, natural, and organic products that are easier on the skin than some of the chemical formulations used in most beauty products. Many of the above are staples in Indian households, making it easier for consumers to connect with the list of ingredients in the products. Saffron’s potential antioxidant properties help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while turmeric is used to address inflammation, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Neem’s antimicrobial and anti-fungal functions can help repair skin and is especially suitable for sensitive skin conditions. A widely available and native to India – the Mogra (Indian jasmine)soothes the skin adding renewal and hydration.

Holistic treatments at Ayurvedic Centres are often tailored to individuals based on their body compositions – or doshas (vata,pita& kapha-energies governed by air water, fire & earth.)The essence of Ayurveda is Wellness from within. India stands at the forefront and has taken the traditional ingredients & repackaged them into easy to use formulations.

Ayurveda means Science of life in Sanskrit and is a form of medicine that is practised in several leading hospitals across the country.This branch of medicine emphasises that beauty in not just skin deep. Ayurvedic treatments for specific ailments and pain relief massages are available in special hospitals such as Kotakal Arya Vaidya .Products and brands typically try to give consumers information on how each of the products work for different skin types & conditions .

Biotique,( Shanaz Hussain (, Kama Ayurveda ( Forest Essentials ( are some of the leading brands for beauty & skin care products that retail in India & abroad & are available on Amazon. Khan Market ( Delhi boasts of all these Beauty shops .They were all pioneers in building the Ayurveda brand.
PureEarth is another Ayurvedic brand from Hongkong . They source ingredients form Himachal Pradesh (near the Himalayas) in North India. Los Angeles based Soma Ayurveda is a big hit with several celebrities and has won awards for its sandalwood perfumed oil.The Ayurveda Experience is another skin care & nutrition brand that has recently raised money .

Several leading hotel chains also stock on A beauty products . Further, The Ministry of Ayush to promote Ayurveda,Yoga,and other ancient system of medicine & healthcare in India was founded in 2014 .

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