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New Boundary Technologies Celebrates 39 Years of Innovation with the Launch of RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform

RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform for IoT revolutionizes the way businesses interact with IoT data.

ROSEVILLE, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 / -- Celebrating its 39th anniversary today, New Boundary Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform for IoT, revolutionizing the way businesses interact with IoT data. This groundbreaking platform provides actionable insights through advanced Generative AI, transforming the complexity of IoT data into clear business advantages.

The RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform stands out by offering a comprehensive solution to power a broad spectrum of enterprise IoT applications. Through a simple natural language interface, it delivers valuable business insights and recommendations, integrating seamlessly with existing data infrastructures and diverse IoT edge devices.

Key Features of the RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform include:

• Business Insights and Recommendations: Translates complex IoT data into actionable business insights to drive operational improvements.
• IoT Hardware and Communication Diagnostics: Delivers detailed analytics on sensors and gateways, pinpointing hardware issues to ensure peak performance and reliability.
• User-Prompted & Automated Actions: Facilitates dynamic interactions with IoT data through intuitive natural language interfaces and automates actions to streamline operations without the need for constant human oversight.
• Trend Analysis & Anomaly Detection: Employs sophisticated analytics to reveal any patterns and detect anomalies, enhancing efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.
• Predictive Analytics: Utilizing advanced forecasting, the platform optimizes operations, reduces costs, and anticipates future trends, including predictive and preventative maintenance strategies to ensure equipment longevity and operational efficiency.

“As we embark on our 40th year, we continue our commitment to provide software solutions that make complex emerging technologies simple,” said Kim Pearson, CEO of New Boundary Technologies. “The RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform is a testament to our ongoing innovation, simplifying the integration of generative AI in IoT data analytics for sensors and industrial equipment.”

Organizations looking to harness the transformative power of the RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform can engage in a 90-day pilot project. This package includes defining business objectives, conducting in-depth data analysis for actionable insights, facilitating collaborative sessions to enhance GenAI capabilities, and providing expert consulting for seamless technology integration.

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Founded in 1985, New Boundary Technologies delivers cutting-edge IoT, IT management, and Green IT solutions that simplify complex technologies. Its solutions are distributed globally by OEMs, distributors, and solution providers.

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